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Unified Services Enablement

Deliver better service quality, resilience and security

Unified Services Enablement is about delivering an automated, highly flexible, agile and ultra-reliable services platform. This platform supports massive scalability and enhanced mobile broadband (Gigabits per user). Because although new radios are being developed to offer more bandwidth and support greater number of connections, it’s the network that will determine real success.

Imagine your multivendor, multidomain network operating as a single entity

Our cloud-native, next-generation mobile packet core – Cisco Ultra - provides a unified platform for service enablement over licensed, unlicensed and IoT access. 5G support includes anchoring the new radio, both NSA, full policy and network slicing control. This virtualized packet core’s distributed architecture can extend functions and services as needed, where needed – all the way to the network edge.


Mobile-Cloud Agility Enables IoT

The next phase of the internet of things is here. 5G.

Unlock IoT Revenues at the Speed of Cloud

Enable IoT services from cloud-to-client; faster, easier

Protect Your 5G Network and Customers

Redefine security for your business and your customers with the Cisco Unified Services Enablement Platform.

5G Services – secured from Cloud-to-Client

Security your business needs to connect and protect in a 5G world