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Case Study: Cybersecurity News Feed

Cisco's LabX conducted research into effective ways to deliver up-to-date information about Cybersecurity.

Study conducted in 2017


Throughout our conversations with you, we’ve heard that Cisco.com can seem like a vast pool of information – only easily navigable if you have searched for documentation on our site in the past. We have also heard that not only is it overwhelming, but some of the information we have is outdated.

Taking in all of this feedback, we decided to create one place that aggregated the most important and useful content for you when you visited our site. This concept was prototyped and piloted for our NGFW Security pages, and was known as the Cybersecurity News Feed.

This newsfeed brought together content from a variety of sources – 3rd party articles, Cisco.com Security content, and social. It was pretty simple for us to identify the sources of our own content, but we didn’t know what 3rd party sites you visited the most for top security news. We reached out to many of you to hear which sources were important to you and were able to bring them over to our feed as well. These included Cybrary, The Register, CSO, Threatpost, and ipSpace.net. We combined these with our Security blogs, documentation, social posts, alerts & threats, and Talos to create this feed that updated in real-time, bringing all your security content together.

We reached out to many of you to hear which sources were important to you and were able to bring them over to our feed as well.

In addition to pulling in these feeds, we also spoke with you to learn the importance of not filtering these sources to exclude content. You let us know how the newsfeed would no longer be a reliable, trustworthy source of content if the articles were biased towards Cisco. We took this into account and did not place a filter that would do so. Features such as categories, bookmarking, and social sharing were added to the feed.

With this, we piloted our newsfeed in a tile design that fit as a blade on the NGFW page. A lot of learning came from this, especially seeing how the feed felt constrained within our current site design. We had created content that came through in real-time, becoming that one stop news site but it wasn’t performing as well as we’d like – so we went to talk to you all again.