Next Calendar Day Service Level

Stay covered 365 days a year with advance hardware replacement.


What is the offer

Your network must work on holidays and weekends, so your hardware replacement should too. Minimize downtime and maintain business resiliency with Next Calendar Day, which gives you 40 percent more coverage then the Next Business Day level. Get your replacement hardware by the next day, including weekends and holidays.


Year-round delivery

Access expert support from the Cisco Technical Assistance Center and your replacement hardware seven days a week.

Save on costs

No need to store backup hardware "just in case." Rely on Cisco depots instead, and spend that freed-up CapEx on your other priorities.

Minimize downtime

Get fast replacement on holidays and weekends instead of waiting until a weekday.

Be the first to know

Receive the latest about Customer Experience releases, offers, and events.

Service options

Next Calendar Day service level helps you manage risk, reduce downtime, and keep things running smoothly. It's currently available as an option with the following services:

  • Cisco Smart Net Total Care
  • Cisco Solution Support
  • Cisco Solution Support for Service Providers
  • Cisco Service Provider Base
  • Extended Support Service
  • Meraki Now
  • Partner Support Service

For partners

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