Cisco LaunchPad: 5th cohort (Mar 2019 to Aug 2019)


Profile: Cloudphysician Healthcare delivers critical care expertise remotely using technology. We provide 24/7 real-time support to small and medium size hospitals that face a shortage of ICU expertise.

CRON Systems

Profile: CRON Systems is a Techstars backed defense tech startup developing next generation IoT based Intrusion Detection Systems for large scale borders and perimeters.


Profile: Deepfence is a distributed intrusion prevention and active response system that runs along side your workloads and protects them from complex multi-vector, multi-stage attacks in real time.


Profile: Enmovil is a logistics technology focused on enhancing the operational efficiency and bottomline of a supplier that relies on field logistics for day-to-day operations.


Profile: A deep learning and computer vision based platform that is enhancing low-resolution videos to 1080p or 4K video formats in real-time.


Profile: Tagvance, an IoT innovation start-up based in Singapore, helps mining industry to track the location of their assets & manpower to improve operational efficiency, capacity utilization and work safety, while reducing costs.


Profile: UTORA simplifies work for your enterprise network team. It tracks your network fitness and takes actions to match industry best practices.

Yellow messenger

Profile: Yellow Messenger is the world's largest conversational AI platform which enables enterprises to automate and orchestrate intelligent conversations with their users on the channels where the consumer already is.

Cisco LaunchPad: 4th cohort (Aug 2018 to Feb 2019)

Acyclic labs

Profile: Providing Smart Contracts for UPI with plug-and-play integration and easy configuration. An infrastructure platform with use-cases ranging from supply and retail chain to education.

Minion Labs

Profile: MinionLabs helps businesses to reduce their electricity costs and improve their productivity by providing real-time device level electricity consumption insights using a smart energy device delivered through its Analytics platform.


Profile: A Quantum Security Technology Company that offers solutions & products to provide hack-proof data security.


Profile: Helps OEMs protect contractual commitments such as warranties, operations & maintenance agreements, and equipment rental contracts for connected products.


Profile: A SaaS solution for tech teams to minimize unplanned downtime & improve system reliability with better incident orchestration


Profile: A cross-platform solution that connects business and people real-time through a proprietary acoustic technology

Uncanny Vision

Profile: Helps System Integrators in Smart Cities & Smart Infrastructure applications with real-time, edge-powered, AI-based Vision for Surveillance Cameras.


Profile: They chase 10x the speed of current day data communication through illumination; called by the world as Li-Fi


Profile: Help airlines & airports improve on-time performance of flights

Cisco LaunchPad: 3rd cohort (Nov 2017 to Apr 2018)

Asquared IoT

Profile: Developing products with machine learning models embedded into them, which eliminates the need for any network communication or any external computing infrastructure.

Atoll Solutions

Profile: End to end solution allowing customers to track, trace and even understand usage patterns of assets.

exabit Systems

Profile: Cloud based IoT Agri-Tech platform with a focus on Smart Sensing & Monitoring, Smart Control Systems and Smart Crop Analytics.

FluxGen Engineering Technologies

Profile: A complete monitoring and control solution including wireless smart energy and water monitoring modules that constantly updates the data over EWM’s Cloud platform in real time.


Profile: IOT based consumer and enterprise products for smart home/office, security, and smart city applications using a combination of connected hardware, cloud analytics and apps.


Profile: IoT device security by providing comprehensive, easy to use, affordable security firmware and services for the lifetime of the IoT devices.


Profile: Location-intelligence to retail brands using micro-location data to derive purchase intent and buying propensity.

Ziroh Labs

Profile: Creating privacy-preserving cryptographic systems that can be used en masse.

Cisco LaunchPad: 2nd cohort (April to Aug 2017)


Profile: Appknox detects and addresses security vulnerabilities in mobile apps, enabling their customers to achieve faster time to market and higher productivity. The company also offers testing-as-a-service to developers through regular security audits for their applications and alerts them in case a vulnerability is detected.


Profile: MishiPay’s app allows shoppers to self-scan any item in the store, pay and simply walk out with it (Scan-Pay-Go). This helps shoppers avoid long billing queues while their patent-pending technology helps stores by providing security against theft.


Profile: Dataglen offers highly configurable end-to-end IoT platform for monitoring and optimizing the operations and maintenance of industrial assets via remote cloud based solutions. Their primary focus is on renewable energy assets like solar plants.


Profile: Pickcel is a leading cloud based digital signage solution provider in India. Pickcel can be deployed for advertising, public communication for government, in-premise marketing communication and smart city monitoring.

Entrib Technologies

Profile: Entrib Technologies' ShopWorx is an industrial IoT offering that provides real time monitoring, communication, automated reporting and real time analysis of the manufacturing shop floor. They work with large automotive and plastics manufacturers.


Profile: Pycno is an integrated agri-IoT platform with wireless sensors that plug into soil and provide users with real time critical information of soil and air from remote locations. They also provide alerts on irrigation time and probability of diseases in addition to reducing water and electricity usage through sms/call in local languages.


Profile: Imaginate is an augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology-based enterprise that offers innovative visualization products and services in the collaboration space. Their product is primarily used in training & maintenance across industrials, healthcare and defense sectors as well as in customer service verticals.

Spectral Insights

Profile: Spectral Insights offers an integrated Digital Pathology system to pathology labs, hospitals, and medical and science colleges. They offer high resolution spectral camera imaging along with analytics modules leading to better productivity at significantly lower costs to pathologists, resulting in better patient outcomes.

Cisco LaunchPad: 1st cohort (Sep 2016-Jan 2017)


Profile: IQLECT offers software converged platform to democratize real time data analysis. Mission of IQLECT is to make Real Time Big Data Analytic simple, pervasive and affordable for all.

Testimonial: "Cisco LaunchPad program has helped us to focus on a specific customer segment of Infra analytics compared to multiple segments we are targeting before. Working on live Cisco use cases has also been very helpful and we look forward to continue working with Cisco post the cohort as well."

Algo Engines

Profile: Algo Engines is an energy analytics platform that optimises generation, predicts failure and improves profitability of energy assets.

Testimonial: : "LaunchPad helped us refine our focus. Through its rich set of mentors, the program provided us with holistic mentorship on all the aspects of our business. We improved our sales process and increased customer engagement, which has helped us grow faster.

On the whole, we truly believe that LaunchPad is a great opportunity for technology startups to leverage Cisco's strength to accelerate their business.


Profile: Very soon, telecom networks are expected to be: "Remotely maintainable, reconfigurable and very high capacity networks for providing dependable 4G and 5G services to customers." Through our technology, we are paving way for exactly that.

Our next generation wireless communication technology increases wireless communication bandwidth by 10 times as compared to anything that exist today. Also, since our patented technology has its core built in software, it makes telecom network deployable quickly, maintainable and configurable remotely resulting in a drastic reduction of network maintenance cost.

Testimonial: "The program has helped us understand the Telecom business better. Also, the business mentorship has been extremely useful in making our approach very systematic to understand and target customers. We are very grateful for the dedicated effort and time each person at LaunchPad has spent to ensure our success."


Profile:At Teslon, we believe in innovating for a better tomorrow. Our Product Carenation aims to revolutionise healthcare delivery by making high quality specialist care accessible to patients in need, from anywhere.

Testimonial: "Cisco LaunchPad has enabled us to introspect and be more focused on finding the right product market fit. It has also helped us to reach out to the customer in a more streamlined and structured approach. We have definitely benefitted from the technology access provided by Cisco during the program. Overall the journey was fun and a great learning experience on both the business and individual fronts."


Profile:HaltDos does what bouncers do at night clubs. We provide the first line of defence against cyberattacks to ensure your website stays online and secure - all the time.

Testimonial: "Our journey with Cisco LaunchPad has been amazing and has taught us how to build a solid B2B business. With access to Cisco's core tech team, UX design and Sales team, and equipment in Cisco's test labs, we have been able to build high tech cyber security solutions that add real value to our customers. With access to Cisco's SI partners, we have been able to reach out to new customers and expand our business. Our experience has been profound, rewarding and invaluable."


Profile:How do you connect the 1000s of dots in your IT infrastructure to keep it always on and secure, without getting frustrated? VuNet's vuSmartMaps, has all the powerful analytics built in to turn your IT teams into data scientists. But our enterprise customers still love us for cutting costs and boosting sales.

Testimonial: "Cisco LaunchPad program has enabled us with a set of frameworks and tools to help us focus more on customer and business challenges. It has also provided us with an incredible network of valuable resources."


Profile:NavStik's technology makes it possible for developers to build complex drone applications, that are agnostic to the mechanical and electronic hardware of drones. Besides providing extensive APIs for navigation, communication, payload management, it also provides built-in security and reliability features, and advanced developer tools, to help developers focus on integrating drones with business applications, better and faster.

Testimonial: “Cisco LaunchPad has been a highly focused, intensive program, that not only provided us with the much needed startup mentoring, but also gave access to tech and business experts at Cisco and their partners. Regular discussions with these experts have helped us refine our product offering, market strategy and establish relationships with potential customers and partners, which would have otherwise taken far longer to accomplish. LaunchPad has truly accelerated our pace!"


Profile:Do you hate standing in long lines to place an order at the mall food court or at concession counters at the movies or even your office cafeteria? With TorchFi WiFi Waiter you can place an order from your phone, WITHOUT downloading any APP. Simply connect on to the WiFi Waiter and the menu pops up on your phone. You can place and order and even pay for it online and the staff would deliver the food to you at your table.

This service is enabled by our IoT device that converts the store's WiFi into an interactive application. TorchFi also captures the phone profile and able to identify the loyal customers when they visit again, enabling a personalized experience similar to what online portals/ apps are able to provide.

Testimonial: "Cisco mentors have been the best sounding board while we took the product to market in the US. The weekly workshops have helped us identifying the right strategy and focus on the right market segment. During the 4 months we have managed to get early adopters in the US and are now pitching to angel investors for a seed round."