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Cisco LaunchPad

Program Offerings

Cisco LaunchPad program aims to support startups in your entrepreneurial journey and help you scale to the next level by providing the critical resources you need.

Business and Tech Mentorship

Validated Use Cases

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Tech Platforms and Support

Investor Connects

Co-Working Space

A Cisco-Startups-Partners Initiative

We are at an inflection point with Digitization creating opportunities like never before. At Cisco, we believe that innovations backed by an ecosystem of companies, startups, and partners is critical to harnessing the full potential of Digitization.

Cisco LaunchPad is one of a kind platform that brings together Cisco technologies, startups, and the partner community to deliver business relevant end-to-end Digital Solutions. For startups, Cisco LaunchPad is more than an Accelerator – it's an opportunity to be part of an innovation initiative that supports and nurtures co-development, co-creation, new business models and joint GTMs.

Mentors & Experts

Startup Portfolio

Cisco Launchpad

Cohort 4 (ongoing)


How to Captivate Your Audience: Conversation with Nathan Gold, Demo Coach

At Cisco, we believe that a compelling business story can get you your audience’s undivided attention. Storytelling can help us articulate who we are as individuals and as a company. In this talk, Nathan Gold talks about the Do’s and Don’ts of delivering a killer presentation and his experience with coaching some of the very promising startups of Cisco LaunchPad.

Smarter Asset Management with Solar IoT Solutions

Managing a large portfolio of solar investments become much simpler and the return on investment on these plants can be improved by up to 10-15% with Solar IoT solutions. Tanuja Ganu, founder of DataGlen, Cisco LuanchPad Cohort 2 startup, explains the same.

Being a Tech Startup in the Digital Era

Benchmark your capability,
Be ultra-competitive and agile,
Continuously move the agenda forward,
Understand the ecosystem play,
Focus on building great teams and Try to consistently deliver beyond expectation

FB Live - Captivating your Audience with Powerful Presentation

A captivating session where the audience can experience "The Red Box Method" to enhance their presentation/pitching skills.

Event Gallery

Cisco Announces LaunchPad to Accelerate the Innovation Ecosystem in India


We believe that innovation is no longer a 'one-thing-at-a-time' linear methodology: an ecosystem of companies, startups, and partners is critical to harnessing the full potential of Digitization.

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