A Cisco-Startups-Partners Initiative

We are at an inflection point with Digitization creating opportunities like never before. At Cisco, we believe that innovations backed by an ecosystem of companies, startups, and partners is critical to harnessing the full potential of Digitization.

Cisco LaunchPad is one of a kind platform that brings together Cisco technologies, startups, and the partner community to deliver business relevant end-to-end Digital Solutions. For startups, Cisco LaunchPad is more than an Accelerator – it's an opportunity to be part of an innovation initiative that supports and nurtures co-development, co-creation, new business models and joint GTMs.

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Program Offerings

Cisco LaunchPad Program aims to support startups in your entrepreneurial journey and help you scale to the next level by providing the critical resources you need.

  • Application Deadline


    October 06, 2017

  • Cohort-3 Start


    November 2017

  • Demo Day


    April 2018

  • Mentorship


    Internal Cisco mentors (Principal/Distinguished Engineers, Product Management, Sales) and external experts offer immense industry and subject matter expertise, and will guide startups on technology, products, and business.

  • Customer and Partner Access

    Customer and Partner Access

    Startups gain access to Cisco customer and partner facing events and to select customers/partners for proofs-of-concept or demos on a case-by-case basis.

  • Grants


    At graduation the program offers significant equity free grants to startups that deliver strong performance during the cohort. Support is also available towards typical IT needs of the startups.

  • Investor Connections

    Investor Connections

    Interactions with the angel investor and venture capital community give startups the right direction to fuel your growth story.

  • Co-working Space

    Co-working Space

    A world-class co-working space in the Cisco campus helps ensure that startups get the right environment to work in and collaborate with others.

  • Technology Support

    Technology Support

    Startups have access to industry-leading Cisco technology platforms in Networking, Security, Cloud, IoT, and Collaboration worth US$1M.

  • Validated Use Cases

    Validated Use Cases

    Startups will help address use cases and business problems that have been validated by Cisco Go-To-Market (GTM) teams, ensuring a strong product-market fit.

  • Business Support Services

    Business Support Services

    Startups get assistance with support services like legal, tax/finance, IT, marketing/communication, and HR.

  • Worldwide Go-To-Market (GTM)

    Worldwide Go-To-Market (GTM)

    Cisco’s GTM teams will enable startups with disruptive innovations to access global markets.

Meet Our Experts

  • Ganapathy Subramaniam

    Ganapathy Subramaniam

    Venture Partner, Walden International

    Expertise: Semi-conductor, Investments in Tech Companies

  • Gita Dang

    Gita Dang

    Founder Director, Talent Advisory Services Private

    Expertise: Leadership and Talent Management, Executive Coaching and Consulting

  • Balakrishnan Kavikkal

    Balakrishnan Kavikkal

    CEO/Managing Director at Servion Global Solutions Ltd

    Expertise: Customer Experience Management

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