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Defend your systems and your customers. Grow your business securely.

The business impact of a cyber attack

Cybercrime may cost businesses up to $2 trillion by 2019. Cyberattacks damage much more than just your IT network; they can also affect your brand reputation, your revenue and your future. Here are some facts for North, Central and Eastern Europe:

Security helps my business…


- Orkun Kenber, Technical Network Engineer, NXP Semiconductors (Netherlands)

…build confidence with our customers.

- Claes Leufven, Consultant, TDC (Sweden)

…protect customer data.

- Kim Marius Trondsen, Senior Network Consultant, Telecomputing (Norway)

…focus on our products and outcomes and avoid wasting time due to attack and data loss.

- Paolo Della Mea, Network Leader, General Electric

Case story: Lundbeck

Discover how this Denmark-based global pharmaceutical leader boosted security and efficiency with Cisco Umbrella

The security landscape

Visit the GDPR page

Under GDPR, you need to spot a breach, scope it, and report it in under 72 hours.

Learn more about threats such as WannaCry and Nyetya/ Petya and how to stop them before they get in.

What’s happening in Security?

Learn what’s affecting your security and how to improve it on a budget.

Finding malware in encrypted web traffic

As the volume of encrypted global web traffic grows, attackers embrace encryption to hide their C2 malware activity. Can you spot them?

Encrypted traffic analytics

Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA) helps you find malware within encrypted web traffic without decrypting it. Hackers have nowhere to hide.

Network traffic visibility

Cisco Stealthwatch monitors network traffic in real time. It helps you spot suspicious network behaviour and speed up detection and response times.