Increase Visibility Throughout Operations

Manufacturers can use the network to create data visibility and flexibility across the entire value chain to achieve maximum customer value and profitability.


Provide High Value for Customers, Increase Profitability

With Cisco Intelligent Networked Manufacturing architecture, your network provides unobstructed visibility across the entire manufacturing value chain. You can deliver real-time information to employees, partners, and customers at any time, from anywhere in the world, allowing you to reduce costs and greatly enhance customer value. Within this architecture are four integrated solutions that can improve the entire manufacturing workflow. Learn More

  • Ethernet to the Factory
  • Demand-Driven Supply Chain
  • Collaborative Product Development
  • Customer Interaction Network

Protect Against Outages, Slow Service, and Security Breaches

Multilayered security closely aligns people, procedures, and technology with business goals, reducing troubleshooting due to security breaches.

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