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Accelerate your marketing effectiveness

Marketing Velocity training combined with Partner Marketing Central (PMC) activation helps you deliver content and data to drive revenue. These digital marketing services will engage your customers like never before.

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Learn about the marketing tools available for you and the latest marketing campaigns to help you drive demand.

Marketing Velocity Training

Explore the best advice pulled from the web.

Meet our new buying centers and industry personas, created to help you position Cisco and help your customers choose Cisco solutions.

Enhance your marketing skills with social media, integrated marketing plans, Cisco architectures, and more in our online courses.

Sessions hosted by Cisco and other industry experts provide continuous learning on various marketing topics.

Read, learn, and use your new skills to apply actionable resources and create an integrated marketing plan.

Partner Marketing Central (PMC)

Browse or search campaigns and use a combination of free platform-based capabilities and paid-for agency executed demand generation services. Customize to your brand, and add your messaging. Campaigns are available in a variety of languages.

Download and customize content including guides, videos, white papers, infographics, call scripts, copy blocks, case studies, and social media posts for use in marketing campaigns.

Use logos and banners to promote your relationship with, and take advantage of, the Cisco brand. Expand your reach and quickly share your achievements with the Partner Announcement Kit.

Augment your inbound content. Activate social syndication, subscribe to topic streams, and automatically post customizable Cisco content to your social media channels. Easily embed web plugins to your website to showcase Cisco content and capture inbound leads.

Start nurturing new and existing customers. Email workflows place Cisco solution content directly in your customers’ inboxes. Customize each email to include your logo, color scheme, contact information, and value proposition. Then schedule and automate based on you marketing plan timeline.

Access expert marketing agencies by ordering full service activities ranging from digital IP listening, search engine marketing, and social media to traditional telemarketing.


PMC also provides access to co-marketing funds wallet, analysis and reporting, and Leads and Prospects integration. 

Digital marketing adds real value