Cisco Connected Imaging Solutions

Cisco Connected Imaging Solutions

Fast, Effective Image Sharing

Cisco Connected Imaging combines technologies from Cisco and its healthcare partners to deliver imaging as a service from the foundation of the Medical Grade Network. Images are virtualized and optimized in a medical archive, making them available anywhere across a healthcare enterprise. This can dramatically reduce the overhead for extra storage in siloed imaging applications. And it can dramatically improve a clinician's access to data in a timely fashion, which ultimately reduces the time to diagnose images.



Connected Imaging in Action

Learn how London Health Sciences Center
and St. Joseph's Hospital benefit from Cisco
Connected Imaging.
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Cisco Connected Imaging Solutions Podcast

Learn how radiology and imaging personnel rely on the network to provide security, functionality, and mobility.

Connected Imaging Solutions for Healthcare

Cisco Medical Data Exchange Solution
Help enable interoperability between disparate systems to provide a patient-centric view of medical data.

Cisco Collaboration and Reporting
The Cisco Collaboration and Reporting solution promotes effective, efficient image consultations with radiologists and physicians in any location.

Horizon Medical Imaging Collaboration
Horizon Medical Imaging Collaboration™ enhances the way caregivers communicate, making it easier and less disruptive, ultimately resulting in better care decisions.

Cisco Medical Image Architecture
Coupled with Connected Imaging, this solution improves image access, delivery, security, and cost-effectiveness.


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