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An intelligent network helps Hywin win the future

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An intuitive approach to breaking boundaries

The problem

Hywin Financial Holding Group needed a network that could help it get its digital businesses online faster and continue the group's rapid development.

The solution

Cisco intent-based networking.

With Cisco DNA, Hywin can deploy faster,

allocate resources more flexibly and successfully achieve its business goals.

"The Group’s over 130 branches in more than 50 countries and regions around the world share a big network. With automatic operation which enables rapid deployment of resources, and tens of thousands of devices can be managed in minutes. The network follows pre-configured policies to carry out intelligent resource deployment."

- Chu Shijia, CIO, Hywin

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Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

"Commercial innovation keeps evolving; enterprise reform never stops. Cisco is transforming the network blueprints with its redesigned hardware and most advanced software, truly ushering in a new network era and bringing more infinite possibilities for clients."

– Cao Tuqiang, Global VP and Greater China CTO, Cisco

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Cisco has helped Hywin realize in-depth security visibility, simplify operations and maintenance,

and cut the time to launch new business online by 75%.

"To achieve automatic perception, analysis and isolation as well as in-depth visualization in face of security risks, we have adopted the Firepower next generation firewall at network borders and data centers, and adopted the Identity Service Engine (ISE) at network access layers, enabling safe and rapid deployment and virtual isolation so as to safeguard stability and security compliance of the Group’s businesses."

- Ran Qingkun, senior project manager of IT security, Hywin

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"The Cisco TALOS team of globally-leading security experts is committed to tracing, analyzing and collecting huge amounts of threat data worldwide, so as to provide users with rapid and effective security solutions and realize zero day protection."

– Wu Qingwei, security expert, Cisco

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Cisco Data Center Solution helps Hywin automate deployment,

improve operations, take business online faster and rapidly achieve business objectives.

"The Cisco ACI sets out from our application requirements and policies, focusing on automatic network deployment of data centers; its multi-tenant characteristic enables IT resource sharing among and safe isolation of various businesses of Hywin Financial Holding Group."

-He Gong, infrastructure Director of Hywin Group

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"The Cisco HyperFlex has strong performance in supporting fast running of the Group’s core business applications such as quantitative trading, inclusive finance and all sorts of big data analyses, providing a strong performance engine for businesses."

- Zheng Yu, senior project manager, Hywin Data Center

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How Cisco's intent-based networking can transform your industry



A network for better customer experiences.



Improve operations. Let the network make it happen.



The new network means better patient care.

Financial Services

Financial Services

A new level of security and innovation.



Bring more opportunities to students.

New routes in days. Not months.
The Network. Intuitive.

Airlines move faster with IBM MultiNetwork Services and Cisco Digital Network Architecture.

Company logo Company Product(s)/Solution(s) Industry Region
University of British Columbia: Using Wi-Fi data to cut energy costs Cisco DNA
Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)
Higher Education Americas
vRad: Live radiology diagnostics reduce patient anxiety Cisco DNA
Cisco Catalyst Switches
Cisco Aironet Access Points
Wireless LAN Controllers
Identity Services Engine
Cisco Firepower NGIPS
Cisco Services
Healthcare Americas

ABMU Health: Automating operations for better patient treatment
Cisco DNA
Cisco Aironet Access Points
Wireless LAN Controllers
Mobility Services Engine
Cisco Catalyst Switches
Integrated Services Routers
ASA with FirePOWER Services
Identity Services Engine
Security Manager
Cisco Prime Infrastructure
Healthcare EMEAR
Symantec: Network automation saves money Cisco DNA
Security Management  EMEAR
AECOM: Digital transformation done right Cisco DNA
Cisco SD-WAN
Identity Services Engine
Professional Services EMEAR
KPIT Technologies: IT meets business growth head-on Cisco DNA
Identity Services Engine
Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX)
Information Technology APJC
Okinawa Institute of Technology of Science and Technology: Digital Learning in a Safe Environment Cisco DNA
Catalyst Switches
Aggregation Services Routers (ASRs)
Higher Education APJC

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