Cisco Sales Collaboration Platform

Helping Partners Take the Lead

Use the Cisco Sales Collaboration Platform to improve your sales effectiveness with Cisco.

Helping Partners Take the Lead

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Collaborate to Succeed

The Cisco Sales Collaboration Platform is a new way for Cisco to work closely with our Partner Plus partners to accelerate growth by sharing leads, prospects, and customer intelligence with partner sales teams.

Continuing its global roll-out during 2013, the platform links and Cisco Commerce Workspace CCW, enabling Cisco and our partners to share and track leads and prospects through to deal creation. Partner Plus partners are the first to use the Platform.

Our goal is closer collaboration between Cisco and our partners on sales planning and account engagement.

The platform will become foundational in support of our profitable partnership. Please use it to collaborate with us on sales opportunities. Most Partner Plus partners are already enrolled and other partners are being enrolled during 2013. Your Cisco sales contact will let you know when you are able to enroll.

Using the Platform

  • Cisco shares leads (today), prospects (future), and customer intelligence (future) with the partner company.
  • The partner assigns prospects and leads to partner sales reps and tracks progress.
  • Partner sales reps and their Cisco sales contacts collaborate early in the sales process with the customer.
  • Partners will use the forthcoming customer intelligence data to support demand generation marketing campaigns and account planning.
  • Partners use one-click to CCW to more easily enter a deal and register for incentive programs such as OIP, SIP, and TIP.

Collaboration is in our DNA at Cisco. With the Cisco Sales Collaboration Platform, we want to join forces with you to accelerate growth.

Getting Access

If you are not yet enrolled on the platform, speak to your Cisco Sales contact to find out when you will be invited to enroll. Once enrolled, you will receive instructions on how to use the platform.

Partners will have two user types:

  • Sales Collaboration Partner Admin (PA) is the person identified to enroll the partner company in the Sales Collaboration Platform and grants access to other employees/contacts. They could be a Sales Manager, Sales Rep, or Sales Administrator and are responsible for accepting/rejecting, and assigning leads and target prospects to Partner Sales Reps (PSRs). The Partner Admin can also perform the functions of the Partner Sales Rep. A partner can have several PAs.
  • Sales Collaboration Partner Sales Rep (PSRs) are sales people at the partner company. They accept/reject, update and convert leads and target prospects in the Sales Collaboration Platform, collaborate on opportunities with their Cisco Sales contact and enter deals in CCW

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