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Important changes to Cisco Incentive Programs

Important Changes to OIP Deal Registration

The marketplace is innovating. To help you take advantage of opportunities in this changing environment, Cisco is evolving the deal registration process.

Changes to OIP deal registration

Beginning August 27, 2017, Cisco is introducing streamlined deal registration approval process in Canada for all Hunting (Opportunity Incentive Program [OIP]) and Hunting Plus deals less than $50,000 list. Additionally in Canada, Cisco is consolidating program tracks and reducing registration fields using a guided partner experience. Learn More.


SIP - Cisco announces the end-of-life date for the Cisco Solutions Incentive Program

In response to partner input to increase the ease of doing business by simplifying partner program incentives, Cisco is sunsetting the Solution Incentive Program (SIP), effective July 29, 2017. Our Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP) and Teaming Incentive Program (TIP) continue to be the way to provide a differentiated pricing advantage. Learn More.


TMP End of Life

Cisco is discontinuing the Cisco Technology Migration Program (TMP) and launching the new Migration Incentive Program (MIP).

To better integrate migration opportunities into our program portfolio, Cisco is launching the new Migration Incentive Program (MIP) on September 10, 2017, and discontinuing the Cisco Technology Migration Program (TMP) on August 27, 2017.

The new Migration Incentive Program will provide partners with an incremental discount on all qualifying migration opportunities in Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW). Learn More.