CISCO 1861 Integrated Services Router

CISCO 1861 Integrated Services Router



Deliver Unified Communications to Small Branches

Provide more effective and efficient communications between customers and employees with the Cisco 1861 Integrated Services Router. This new platform delivers unified communications solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and small branch offices, enabling anytime, anywhere secure access to information.

Through integration of voice gateway, call processing, voicemail, automated attendant, conferencing, transcoding, and security capabilities, the 1861 Integrated Services Router delivers a complete unified communications solution. Powered by the Cisco IOS Software, the Cisco 1861 supports a wide range of connectivity options through a modular High-Speed WAN Interface Card (HWIC) Slot. In addition, it supports advanced routing and security services.


Key Benefits:

  • Integrated Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express or Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony for call processing
  • Cisco Unity Express for voice messaging and automated attendant
  • Integrated LAN switching with Power over Ethernet (PoE) expandable through Cisco Catalyst Switches
  • Support for a range of HWICs
  • Built-in hardware encryption enabled through optional security image
  • Innovative security services, including Secure Sockets Layer, Network Admission Control, Group Encrypted Transport Virtual Private Networks, and Inline Intrusion Prevention System


Fixed base hardware configuration with modular WAN:

  • Up to 8 Users
  • SRST or CCME
  • Single HWIC Slot for WAN
  • SW images consistent with ISRs
  • Advanced routing & security
  • CUE for VM and AA (factory option)
  • CME v4.2; CUE v2.3
  • CUE: 8 mailboxes + 5 GDMs
  • FXO/BRI - 4 ports/channels (Factory Option)
  • FXS/DID – 4 ports (fixed)
  • 8 POE ports for IP Phones (fixed)
  • Appropriate level of DSPs
  • Music on hold jack
  • Console / Aux Port


1861 Integrated Services Router Hardware View

1861 Packaging


  • Skus will include 8-user SRST or CME license as default, not upgradeable
  • Separate sku packaging for SRST, SRST+CUE, and CME + CUE + Ph.Licenses
  • Separate FXO & BRI versions as factory options
  • Default SW Image: SP Services, upgradeable to advanced images (Adv IP Svcs, Ent Svcs, Adv. Ent Svcs)
  • Default & Max Memory: 128MB Flash, 256MB DRAM




Product ID Description
1861, 8-user SRST, 4FXS, 2BRI, 8xPOE,SP Svcs, HWIC slot
C1861-SRST-F/K9 1861, 8-user SRST,4FXS, 4FXO, 8xPOE, SP Svcs, HWIC slot
C1861-SRST-C-B/K9 1861,8-user SRST,CUE,4FXS,2BRI,8xPOE,SP Svcs,HWIC slot
C1861-SRST-C-F/K9 1861,8-user SRST,CUE,4FXS,4FXO,8xPOE,SP Svcs,HWIC slot
C1861-UC-2BRI-K9 1861, 8-user CME,CUE,Ph. Lic,4FXS,2BRI,8xPOE,HWIC slot
C1861-UC-4FXO-K9 1861, 8-user CME, CUE, Ph. Lic, 4FXS, 4FXO, 8xPOE, HWIC slot



  • Skus include 8-user CME/SRST license, not upgradeable
  • Default SW Image: SP Services, upgradeable to advanced images (Adv IP Svcs, Ent Svcs, Adv. Ent Svcs)
  • Default & Max Memory: 128MB Flash, 256MB DRAM



List of Supported HWICs
HWIC Description
HWIC-1T1/E1 1-Port T1/E1 HWIC for 1861
Serial WAN Interface Cards
HWIC-1SER 1-Port Serial HWIC for 1861
HWIC-2SER 2-Port Serial HWIC for 1861
Wireless WAN Interface Cards
HWIC-3G-CDMA-S 3G WWAN HWIC-EVDO Rev A/Rel 0/1xRTT-800/1900MHz
HWIC-3G-CDMA-V 3G WWAN HWIC-EVDO Rev A/Rel 0/1xRTT-800/1900MHz
DSL WAN Interface Cards
HWIC-2SHDSL 2-port G.shdsl HWIC
HWIC-4SHDSL 4-pair G.shdsl HWIC with IMA support
HWIC-ADSL-B/ST 2-port HWIC w/ 1-port ADSLoPOTS and 1-port ISDN BRI-S/T
HWIC-ADSLI-B/ST 2-port HWIC w/ 1-port ADSLoISDN and 1-port ISDN BRI-S/T
Cable WAN Interface Cards
HWIC-CABLE-D-2 1-Port DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem HWIC
HWIC-CABLE-E/J-2 1-Port Euro/J-DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem HWIC


Note: 1861 specific HWICs required in order to support T1/E1 & Serial WAN



Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express Application: Small Standalone Office Deployment







Remote Branch Unified Communications using Cisco Unified SRST

For more information, please refer to 1861 datasheet for detail