Special Offers on Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Generation 2

TechWiseTV's "Borderless Networks: the New Technologies"

Learn how the latest routing innovations help you design a simpler network and optimise branch application performance while reducing costs

TechWiseTV's "Borderless Networks: the New Technologies"

Branch offices frequently suffer from fewer IT staff and lack real-time access to many of the resources available at corporate headquarters, even as data and applications are becoming more bandwidth-intensive and employees are becoming more mobile in today's borderless business environment.

Cisco helps your organisation eliminate these limitations and adapt to new business trends with the IOS Software-based Integrated Services Router, Generation 2:

Reduce costs by integrating more tools and services onto one platform

  • Reduce "server sprawl" by integrating common network services onto one platform.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership–hardware, support, energy, and bandwidth–costs by up to 80 percent.

Increase bandwidth availability

  • Scale network resources and eliminate branch latency by increasing file transfer speeds by 25 times or more.

Maintain security while supporting new devices or tools–like tablets and smartphones

  • Enable secure 3G, 802.11n, and wired services and transport data to a wider variety of devices.
  • Integrate VPN, firewall, intrusion prevention systems, and cloud–based security services, extending protection across the entire network and all devices.

Cisco makes it easier than ever to implement the new Cisco Integrated Services Routers, Generation 2. Make your organisation more efficient and responsive by enabling highly secure, reliable, and seamless network performance.

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