Increase your profitability with Cisco

Cisco offers various up front discount promotions as well as rebate programs to increase your profitability. Cisco programs and promotions vary for each region. Find out more about what Australian and New Zealand partners are elibigle for. Promotions for our region change so make sure you check regularly for what's available for your next opportunity. There is a program and promotion for all partners in our region. Find out more about which one you can be rewarded with.

Programs & Promotions

Partner Incentive Programmes

Cisco offers specialised rewards and incentive programs for partners committed to creating a Cisco solution practice.


Provides awareness, understanding and consistency in applying Cisco's Preference Programmes, Discount Policy and Partner Discounts across ANZ.

Solution Incentive Program (SIP)

Receive rewards when you integrate proprietary or third-party business applications and services with Cisco technology.

Teaming Incentive Program (TIP)

Get rewarded by creating tighter alignment with Cisco Partner Account Managers--team up early in the sale cycle to win the opportunity and successfully deploy complex architectures.

Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP)

Receive special pricing through an up-front discount with OIP. The program encourages you to invest in developing new business opportunities while providing a level of assurance that pre-sales efforts will be rewarded and protected.

Value Incentive Program (VIP)

Geared toward partners with focused practice on technologies that are part of the Cisco architectures such as Borderless Networks, Collaboration or Data Centre and Virtualisation. Participating partners will receive a semi-annul payment when they meet or exceed program requirements. Enrolment is required for this rebate program.

Cisco-Funded Network Assessment Program (NAP)

Receive incentives for performing on-site network audits in targeted accounts. Network Assessments are a proven way to drive sales and identify installed base network upgrade opportunities.

Not for Resale (NFR)

Allows eligible partners to purchase discounted Cisco hardware and software for use in non-revenue generating activities such as labs, demo gear and internal course development or training.

Technology Migration Program (TMP)

This global program gives trade-in-credits for most major products offered by Cisco and for select competitive products when upgrading to a new Cisco networking solution..

Cloud and Managed Services Program-Simplified Pricing (CMSP)

Receive up-front, equivalent discounts in place of Cisco Powered rebates.

Learn more about the range of programs and promotions available for Small-Medium Businesses to help you increase your profitability

Small Business (SMB) Offers

This program is designed specifically for partners that serve the small business segment or companies with fewer than 1,000 employees.

Cisco Fast Track Australia & New Zealand

Get the right price, right now with Fast Track for Cisco core networking products and solutions. Fast Track will improve your deal flow and revenue potential by getting fast quotes. Find out more information on Fast Track as well as the Australian and New Zealand price list. There are 118 SKUs over 5 product families

Cisco Connect Rewards Australia & New Zealand

Connect Rewards is an incentive program designed to reward Cisco authorised resellers for selling eligible products and services promoted in 'Star Promotions'. Each quarter you are able to earn points, which will be converted into dollar amounts and loaded on to your Cisco Connect Rewards VISA Pre-Paid Card! Not registered for Connect Rewards? Or do you need to make a claim to convert your points to your Cisco Connect Rewards VISA Pre-Paid card -- click here to be rewarded today

K-12 Education Promotion

  • Flat discount of 55% for all SLAs, for all Premier partners and above, via Distribution, if the client is a K-12 school.
  • A select number of Cisco Education Partners will receive a flat 57% discount.
  • Available in Australia only. Promotion code: PP-K12E62764-110730.
  • Promo End Date: 27th July, 2013

APAC Services UCS-C Series Promotion

  • 80% discount for 12 months and 85% discount for Multi-Year (2 & 3 years) deals
  • Eligible products: C200 M2, C210 M2, C260 M2, C460 M2, C22 M3, C24 M3, C220 M3 & C240 M3.
  • All UCS SKUs including the new SMARTnet replacement SKUs are eligible for the promotion.
  • Promo Codes: Australia: PP-APAC61032-110704, New Zealand: PP-APAC61030-110704
  • Promo End Date: 27th April, 2013

APAC Services NFR Promotion

  • Complementing the Product NFR offer, this program gives Registered Resellers and Distributors the opportunity to purchase generously-discounted Cisco services for internal use.
  • Eligible Services for the promo are, SMARTnet, Smart Care, UCS Services and Small Business Support Services
  • 1-Tier Partners: 57% discount off list. Distributors: 60% discount off list.
  • Promo codes: Australia: PP-APAC63787-120129, New Zealand: PP-APAC63739-120129
  • Promo End Date: 31st May, 2013

APAC Smart Services Promotion

  • Aim to make the transition from network base pricing to SKU base pricing as smooth as possible with the release of Smart Care 1.9.
  • 50% discount for 12 months and 55% discount for Multi-Year (2 & 3 years) deals for New services.
  • 55% discount for 12 months and 60% discount for Multi-Year (2 & 3 years) deals for Renewal services.
  • Promo Codes: Australia: PP-APJC81006-130531, New Zealand: PP-APJC80952-130531
  • Promo End Date: 31st May, 2013

Fast Track 2 for Services

  • 3 years of SMARTnet Service coverage for approximately the price of 2 years.
  • SMARTnet 3YR 8x5xNBD covers most Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) and Enhanced Limited Lifetime Warranty (eLLW) products as well as most Fast Track products. Find out more
  • Promo End Date: 27th April, 2013

Low-end Switch SMARTnet Service Promotion

  • Fixed 50% off for 1 year & 2 years deals and a fixed 63% off for 3 years deal on SMARTnet service SKUs (SNT 8x5xNBD, SNTE 8x5x4, SNTP 24x7x4).
  • Eligible Product families: C2960, C2960S, C3560, C3560X, C3750 and C3750X series
  • Promo codes: Australia: PP-LLWe79654-130531, New Zealand: PP-LLWe79646-130531
  • Promo End Date: 31st May, 2013

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