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The New Cisco Partner Program

Note that the Integrator Program is different than the Integrator role in The New Cisco Partner Program


The power of the Integrator program

Cisco Integrators are trusted advisors who solve complex business problems. They customize Cisco APIs and deliver advanced services to provide our customers with an unmatched digital experience. And we reward them for it. The Cisco Integrator program acknowledges leadership and investment through a variety of performance and opportunity incentives.

What is a Cisco Integrator?

  • You help customers meet their business challenges by combining your integration services with the right software and solutions.
  • You create customized software solutions using existing, or by creating new, applications as required.
  • You are an expert in agile software development.
  • You are a trusted DevOps advisor. You are the customer's bridge between software development and IT.

Benefits of being an Integrator

  • The Integrator partnership logo gives you a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Partner Locator listings give you visibility to customers and Cisco sales reps.
  • Not-for-resale licenses allow you to test software development ideas in your own lab.
  • Your success stories can be submitted and shared on the Cisco partner and customer case study page.
  • You can use proof-of-concept software and licenses to create demos or use cases.

Sirius and Xentaurs: A New Approach to Digital Partner Initiatives

Cisco has built a world-class ecosystem that enables you to take the best of breed from a lot of different vendors and combine them into a solution that's tailor made for a customer's specific digital initiative.

Anoj Willy, President, Xentaurs