Information Assurance Supplemental Resources

The Information Assurance Supplemental Resources, listed below, support the CCSP certification by providing a list of topics and references to those interested in attaining the knowledge and skills specified in the training standards of the Committee on National Security Systems (CNSS).

Topic Training
Secure Use
General Security Policy: Cyber Ethics Cyber Ethics
General Security Policy: Information Technology Security Evaluation Criteria (ITSEC) ITSEC Definition
General Procedures: Inference Inference Definition
General Procedures: Rainbow Series Rainbow Series
General Procedures: NSTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-99 Insider Threat to Government Computer Systems NSTISSAM COMPUSEC/1-99
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Law Computer Law
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Computer Media Computer Media
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Evaluate Security Testing Tools Security Testing Tools
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: System Test and Evaluation (ST&E) System Test and Analysis
General Countermeasures and Safeguards: Certification Tools Certification Tools
Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Control Management Change Control
Control Management
Administrative Countermeasures/Safeguards: Privacy Act Privacy Act of 1974
Operations Policies/Procedures: Certification and Accreditation (C&A) of Computer Systems DISTCAP
Operations Policies/Procedures: Keystroke Monitoring Keystroke Monitoring
Operations Policies/Procedures: Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster Recovery
Contingency/Continuity of Operations: Vendor Cooperation Vendor Cooperation
Policy and Procedures: Incident Response Incident Response
Policy and Procedures: Witness Interrogation Witness Interrogation
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Attacks Computer Attacks
Computer Attacks
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Computer Emergency Readiness Teams CERT
Operations Countermeasures/Safeguard: Information System Security Officer Duties ISSO Responsibilities
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Approval to Operate Approval to Operate
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Configuration/Change Control Change Control
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Copyright Protection Copyright Protection
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Patch Management Patch Management
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Records Management Records Management
Records Management
Administrative Policies/Procedures: Wireless Use Policies Wireless Use Policy
Anomolies and Integrity
General Risk Management: Computer System Risk Management Risk Management
Access Control Safeguards: Computer System Access Control Access Control
Access Control Safeguards: Protected Distribution Systems Protected Distribution System
Protected Distribution System
Access Control Safeguards: Information Systems Access Restrictions Access Restrictions
Access Control Policies/Administration: Legal Legal Access Restrictions
Access Control Mechanisms: KMI Applications Key Management
Access Control Mechanisms: Single Sign-on Single Sign On