Cisco Voicemail for Gmail


Cisco Voicemail for Gmail provides a visual interface for an enriched experience with voicemails at Gmail. With this extension, you can now perform the following :

  • Compose a voicemail from within Gmail.

  • Play the received voicemail without the need of any external player.

  • Compose a voicemail in reply-to a received message.

  • Compose a voicemail while forwarding a received message.


Before you begin

  1. Create a Web Application using steps available at

  2. Select the Project. Navigate to Menu > API & Services > Credentials. Select the Web Application created in Step-1.

  3. Add in URI fields

  4. Save the Web Application and Client Id,Secret Id received in Step-1.

  5. Navigate to Menu > API & Services > Library and search for Gmail API and enable it.


Step 1

Open the Chrome Web Store.

Step 2

Select the Cisco Voicemail for Gmail chrome extension.

Step 3

Click Add to Chrome and allow the permissions.

Step 4

Click the Cisco Voicemail Extension icon as shown in below image.

Step 5

Enter the Client ID and Secret ID received while creating Web Application in Step-1 in below screen. Phone No. field is Extension of user and is optional to enter.

Supported Actions on Voicemails

Composing a Voicemail

  1. On Gmail account, click the Compose icon.

  2. On Compose window, click the Cisco Voicemail Extension icon as shown below:

  3. You can now record your voicemail. Below image describes the functionality.

    Control No.

    Control Description


    Enter recipient names to whom you wish to send the Voicemail.


    Subject of the message.


    Start/Pause Voicemail recording.


    Stop Voicemail recording.


    Upload Voicemail from your system.


    Play or Pause recording during playback.


    Progress and length of the recording.


    Select the volume icon, then slide indicator to increase or decrease volume of the recording.


    If required, download the recording in your system.


    Mark the message as Private.


    Mark the message as Secure.


  1. While composing a voicemail, you can send only one recording at a time.

  2. Any Text entered in the body part will get discarded, if sent along with the voicemail.

  3. You can upload voice recording of size upto 5MB. If the file size exceeds the limit, the recorded message will be truncated till 5MB.

  4. Cisco Voicemail for Gmail is compatible with Chrome version 86 and later.

Playing a Voicemail

You can play/pause or download the voicemails present in your inbox folder.

Replying a Voicemail

You can send reply to incoming voicemail as a voicemail.

Forwarding a Voicemail

You can also forward a voicemail to other users as shown below.