Cisco Prime Infrastructure is a network management tool that supports lifecycle management of your entire network infrastructure from one graphical interface. Prime Infrastructure provides network administrators with a single solution for provisioning, monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting both wired and wireless devices. Robust graphical interfaces make device deployments and operations simple and cost-effective.

Submitting Feedback

Your feedback will help us improve the quality of our product. You must configure the email server and then enable data collection to configure the feedback tool. To send your feedback, follow these steps:


Step 1

If you have configured your mail server, go to Step 4.

Step 2

Choose Administration > Settings > System Settings > Mail and Notification > Mail Server Configuration.

Step 3

In the Mail Server Configuration page, enter the mail server details, then click Save to save the configuration settings.

Step 4

Choose Administration > Settings > System Settings > General > Help Us Improve.

Step 5

In the Help Us Improve Cisco Products page, select Yes, collect data periodically, then click Save.

Step 6

Click the Settings icon, then select Feedback > I wish this page would.

Step 7

Enter your feedback, then click OK.

Supported Devices

To see the list of devices supported in this release of Prime Infrastructure:


Step 1

Log in to Prime Infrastructure.

Step 2

Click the wheel icon at the top right, then click Supported Devices.

What to do next

For detailed information on the software compatibility for the Cisco wireless devices, see the following URL:


Prime Infrastructure does not support non-admin virtual device context (VDC) on Nexus devices.

Supported Wireless LAN Controller Hardware Models

Table 1 lists the Prime Infrastructure supported devices for switches, WLCs, Access Points (APs), ISEs, and MSEs.

Table 1. Supported Device Matrix for Switches, Cisco WLC, MSE, ISE, and AP

Supported Switches

Supported Controllers

Supported MSE Devices

Supported ISE Devices

Supported Lightweight APs

Supported Autonomous APs


Catalyst 3560 Series Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SE]

Catalyst 3650 Series Ethernet Stackable Switch*

Catalyst 3750 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SE]

Catalyst 3850 Series Ethernet Stackable Switch*

Catalyst 4500 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(50)SG]*

Catalyst 9800-40 Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-80 Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-CL Wireless Controller for Cloud

Catalyst 9800-L-C Wireless Controller

Catalyst 9800-L-F Wireless Controller

Cisco 3504 Wireless Controller

Cisco 8540 Wireless Controller

Cisco 8510 Wireless Controller

Cisco 5520 Wireless Controller

Cisco 5508 Wireless Controller

Cisco 4400 Series Wireless Controllers

Cisco 2504 Wireless Controller

Cisco Flex 7510 Wireless Controllers

Cisco Virtual Controller

Cisco Wireless Service Module (WiSM)

Cisco Wireless Service Module 2 (WiSM2)

Cisco Wireless Controller on Cisco Services-Ready Engine (WLCM2 on SRE)

Catalyst 3750G Integrated Wireless LAN Controller

Cisco 3355 Mobility Services Engine

Cisco MSE Virtual Appliance





Cisco ISE 2.6

Cisco ISE 2.4

Cisco ISE 2.3

Cisco ISE 2.2

Cisco ISE 2.1

Cisco ISE 2.0

Cisco ISE 1.4 with the required patch1

Cisco ISE 1.3

Cisco ISE 1.2

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXI AP

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXE AP

Cisco Catalyst 9120AXP AP

Cisco Catalyst 9115AXE AP

Cisco Catalyst 9115AXI AP

Cisco Catalyst 9117AXI AP

Cisco Aironet 4800 AP

Cisco Aironet 3800i AP

Cisco Aironet 3800e AP

Cisco Aironet 3800p AP

Cisco Aironet 3700i AP

Cisco Aironet 3700e AP

Cisco Aironet 3700p AP

Cisco Aironet IW 3700 AP

Cisco Aironet 3600i AP

Cisco Aironet 3600e AP

Cisco Aironet 3600p AP

Cisco Aironet 3500i AP

Cisco Aironet 3500e AP

Cisco Aironet 3500p AP

Cisco Aironet 2800i AP

Cisco Aironet 2800e AP

Cisco Aironet 2700i AP

Cisco Aironet 2700e AP

Cisco Aironet 2700p AP

Cisco Aironet 2600i AP

Cisco Aironet 2600e AP

Cisco Aironet 1850i AP

Cisco Aironet 1850e AP

Cisco Aironet 1840I AP

Cisco Aironet 1830i AP

Cisco Aironet 1815i AP

Cisco Aironet 1815w AP

Cisco Aironet 1815t AP

Cisco Aironet 1815m AP

Cisco Aironet 1810 OfficeExtend Series AP

Cisco Aironet 1810w AP

Cisco Aironet 1800i AP

Cisco Aironet 1700i AP

Cisco Aironet 1700E AP

Cisco Aironet 1600i AP

Cisco Aironet 1600e AP

Cisco Aironet 1572IC AP

Cisco Aironet 1572EAC AP

Cisco Aironet 1572EC AP

Cisco Aironet 3700 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 3600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 3500 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 2700 Series AP

Cisco Aironet 2600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1700 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1600 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1550 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1530 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1570 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1260 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1140 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 1040 Series APs

Cisco Aironet 700W APs

Cisco Aironet 702I Series APs

Cisco Aironet 800 Series ISR

Cisco Aironet 1310 and 1410 Bridges,

Cisco IW3700 series APs.

*Also acts as Cisco Wireless Controller.

Catalyst 6500 Switches [Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SXI] and [Cisco IOS XE 03.07.00.E]

Cisco NAM 2304 Appliance

Cisco NAM 2320 Appliance

Cisco IE 2000 Series Switches.

Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller

The following Cisco Mobility Express Controllers are supported:

  • Cisco Aironet 4800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 2800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 3800 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 1850 AP

  • Cisco Aironet 1830 AP

  • Cisco 1815 Series Controllers

  • Cisco 1540 Series Controllers

  • Cisco 1560 Series Controllers

Cisco Aironet 1562I AP

Cisco Aironet 1562E AP

Cisco Aironet 1562D AP

Cisco Aironet 1562 PS AP

Cisco Aironet 1552C AP

Cisco Aironet 1552CU AP

Cisco Aironet 1552E AP

Cisco Aironet 1552EU AP

Cisco Aironet 1552H AP

Cisco Aironet 1542I AP

Cisco Aironet 1542D AP

Cisco Aironet 1532I AP

Cisco Aironet 1200 AP

Cisco Aironet 1140 AP

Cisco Aironet 1130 AG AP

Cisco Aironet 1040 AP

Cisco Aironet 700 AP

Cisco Aironet 702W AP

Cisco Aironet 600 Series OfficeExtend AP

1 If you are using Cisco ISE 1.4, you must have the patch ise-patchbundle-, which you can get from the following location: .

New Features and Enhancements

This section provides a brief description of new features and enhancements in this release. For more information about the features and benefits, as well as hardware and software specifications, see the Cisco Prime Infrastructure 3.7 Data Sheet at:


Administration Dashboard Enhancements

  • Administration > Dashboards > Job Dashboard> User Jobs - New user job “Device Bulk Edit” is created when you perform bulk edit operation for more than nine devices under Inventory > Device Management > Network Devices.

  • Administration > Dashboards > Job Dashboard> Job Approval - New column name “Approved By” and “Status” is included to view the job approver and the current status of the job. Also included new expandable pane to view the device details for which the job is triggered.

  • Also included new filter options such as “Pending-Approval”, “Approved”, “Rejected” and “Expired_Before_Approval”. Default filter option is “Pending-Approval”.

  • Administration > Dashboards > System Monitoring Dashboard > Overview dashboard - New Virtual domain summary dashlet is included to view the association between virtual domains and the users. Also the members without virtual domain association. It allows you to export the list of respective associations.

Administration Settings Enhancements

  • Administration > Settings > System Settings

    • Under Mail and Notification > Job Notification Mail -You can now send notification mail for user jobs if the Last_Run_Status is Partial Success.

Dashboard Enhancements

  • Dashboard -> Performance -> End user experience - A new dashboard filter named ‘Client’ is included.

Monitoring Tools Enhancements

  • Monitor > Monitoring Tools > Change Audit Dashboard- You will be able to view the Device Name details apart from other device information. You can view the Device 360 details by clicking the "I" icon besides the IP Address.

Inventory Enhancements

  • Inventory > Device Management > Network Devices - You can now view the model numbers of the devices in the Network Devices screen. Click the settings icon at the top right corner, expand the Columns menu and select the Model Number option.

  • Inventory > Device Management > Discovery - Options to Export and Refresh are introduced in the Discovery Job Instances section.


Configuration Enhancements:

  • Configuration > Network Devices > Unified AP — You can monitor the LED Flash State of Unified APs using two new columns, LED Flash State and LED Flash Duration.

    You can configure LED Flash settings using Configuration > Network Devices > Unified AP > Configure > LED Flash State page.

  • Configuration > Network Devices — CDP Neighbour added as a new column in Unified AP list page.

  • Configuration > Network Devices — CAPWAP Uptime added a new customizable column in Unified APs list table/page

  • WPA3 Updates:

    Prime Infrastructure now supports WPA3 configuration for AireOS 8.10 and IOS-XE 16.12.1 Wireless Controllers.


    • No support for CCMP256, GCMP128, and GCMP256 Encryption Ciphers

    • No support for SUITEB authentication key.

Access Points Enhacements

  • Prime Infrastructure 3.7 introduces support for:

    • Cisco Catalyst 9120 Series Unified AP – 9120AXI, 9120AXE and 9120AXP (Catalyst 9800 Wireless Controller 16.12 onward)

    • Cisco 1840 Series Unified AP – 1840I (AireOS version 8.10 onwards)

Catalyst 9800 Series Wireless Enhancements

  • Coral Updates:

    Prime Infrastructure now extends support for dual Coral functionality.

    • New coral directory:

      • <coraldirectory> -> /opt/CSCOlumos/coralinstances/

    • Default coral instances:

      • /opt/CSCOlumos/coralinstances/coral1/coral/bin (for 16.11x devices)

      • /opt/CSCOlumos/coralinstances/coral2/coral/bin (for 16.12x devices)

    • Port mapping for Coral:

      • TCP port 20828 – reserved for 16.11x controller

      • TCP port 20830 – reserved for 16.12x controller

      Ensure that you have both the ports open in your system’s firewall (both IPv4 and IPv6).


  • Reports > Report Launch Pad > Device - A new report type, Device Serial Number, is added. You can create a new Device Serial Number report by clicking the New button.

  • Reports > Report Launch Pad > Device - A new report type, SFP Port and Module Details, is added. You can create a new SFP Port and Module Details report by clicking the New button.

  • Reports > Report Launch Pad > Device > - A new report type, Vlan, is added. You can create a new Vlan report by clicking the New button.

Important Notes

This section contains important notes about Prime Infrastructure.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure does not support Data Center from Release 3.7. For more information see End-of-Sale and End-of-Life Announcement for the Cisco Prime Infrastructure Data Center.

  • Editing the schedule of an already-scheduled job will change the status of that job to Pending for Approval since each edit requires an approval from the user who created the job.

  • You must disable and enable the syslog forwarding feature and then refresh the page if Prime Infrastructure is not able to forward Syslogs to the remote server. If the issue persists, restart Prime Infrastructure.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure does not support monitoring for Cisco Application Control Engine (ACE) module, because ACE has been moved to end-of-life and does not respond to related monitoring MIBs.

  • In Prime Infrastructure after backup and restore, the huge amount of empty partitions from Alarm table fails to drop the old partitions. For more information see Techzone on how to drop partition.

  • Prime Infrastructure can handle 7k interfaces per device. It takes only a few hours for the inventory sync-up to complete for the devices within this range. For devices with more than 7k interfaces, a few days will be required for the sync-up and if the interfaces range exceeds 10k, server downtime is experienced.

  • When you migrate to Catalyst 9800 devices from the Prime Infrastructure-DNA Center co-existence tool, the Catalyst 9800 devices support aided for DNA Center 1.2.8 and above moves the WLC to DNA Center and the devices to the collection failure sync state on Netconf feature failure. This is because the Catalyst 9800 devices support expects you to enter a value for the “Netconf Port” field and the SSH credentials so as to be managed by DNA Center. You can also manage the Catalyst 9800 devices manually by entering a value for the Netconf Port field and the SSH credentials in DNA Center and then re-sync.

  • You must perform the configuration instructions as described in the Basic Configuration of a Catalyst 9800 Running IOS to Support NETCONF/YANG Data Modelling section required for a Catalyst 9800 running IOS software to support NETCONF/YANG Data Modelling.


    Replace 3850 with 9800, wherever applicable.

  • Cisco Prime Infrastructure no longer supports the Datacenter feature.

Open Caveats

The following table lists the open caveats in Prime Infrastructure Release 3.7.

Click the identifier to view the impact and workaround for the caveat. This information is displayed in the Bug Search Tool. You can track the status of the open caveats using the Bug Search Tool.

Table 2. Open Caveats




The Software EOX report has multiple wrong EOX entries.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7 with WLC 8.10MR1-No heatmaps for 91xx APs.


Different timezone in HA logs in each browser.


Prime Infrastructure-Link and WAN port classification is not working when CDP is disabled.


Prime INfrastructure 3.x-Compliance policy should not allow "div" in the Rule Title.


Controller is going to the Partial Collection Failure state.


The added Controller and AAP is not reflecting in the Inventory page


WIPS Alarms detected by MSE are not shown in the Maps page.


The MSE detected client is not shown in the Maps page.


The bulk deletion of devices feature is not working.


Exception is thrown while unsync the MSE from Controller.


Improper heatmaps in Maps page.


Issues in deployment of theWireless Configuration Group template.


The controller configuration backup failed.


The VD Summary dashboard crosslaunch to VD page throws xwt.widget.objectselector.ObjectSelector (Chrome).


The Network Topology page is not loading in Firefox.


IWAN Enablement -> Focus of mouse action is not on the UI element, but slightly below.


Jobs are not moving to Running state after restore 3.5, 3.4 backup over 3.7 in a specific scenario.


Prime Infrastructure 3.7-Network Device rendering while accessing the "Configuration / Network / Network Devices/All devices".

Resolved Caveats

The following caveats were resolved in this release. You can view additional information about these caveats in the Bug Search Tool.

Table 3. Resolved Caveats



CSCvp78445 Multiple Vulnerabilities in tomcat - Need ipcentral cleanup.
CSCvp79419 Cisco Prime Infrastructure and Evolved Programmable Network Manager Remote Code Execution.
CSCvp87337 Prime Infrastructure 3.7-NMS server stopped after upgrade and restore 35X,34X to
CSCvq10480 Primary goes down after failback in sequence after force failover.
CSCvq13903 Jobs are going to Undefined state in Prime Infrastructure 3.7 Upgrade Setup
CSCvq16424 S&P:NMS server not responding in gen2 longevity server.
CSCvq18370 [Prime Infrastructure 3.7 with DNAC 1.3 and DNAC] Prime Infrastructure-DNAC: Devices not migrated.
CSCvq19592 Evaluation of ncs for TCP_SACK.
CSCvq22352 [] Jobs are failing after Failback and VD creation is failing in Secondary after Failover.
CSCvq27267 Device is not getting listed in deploy flow.
CSCvq27414 Samoa Hibernate Exception after ForceFailover/Failover in HA.
CSCvq31670 Syslog Policies feature is not enabled in 3.1 to 3.7.
CSCvq33687 Fault reports are not enabled in 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 to 3.7.
CSCvq37163 IPSLA not available to test in the Hardening upgrade and restore path servers.
CSCvq37664 Samoa Smart licensing is not working [Hardening Blocker]
CSCvq38664 DB connections exceeded after upgrade in the scale upgrade server.
CSCvq38854 NMS Server stopped after upgrade from 34x , 35x to
CSCvq47780 Prime PI-VA- login UI shows blank page.
CSCvq52843 Regular Expression Tester does not recognize character classes.
CSCvq78005 S&P: Server gets crashed with 127 build with Gen2 S&P server.
CSCvo78055 CLI "kron occurrence" not generating backups.
CSCvo89013 Rogue APs(Updated) report in Prime Infrastructure intermittently fails when run via API
CSCvk33859 Severity/Auto clear duration is been allowed to set for the categories in Alarm Severity page.


Collection Failure for ISR4221 device in Prime Infrastructure 3.4.

CSCvn16418 ENH 3.x: Improve SFTP Transfer Speeds in the CARS App.
CSCvo30908 Prime Infrastructure 3.4/3.5 allowed HA registration via Eth1 interface
CSCvo43328 Prime Infrastructure 3.3/3.4-Interface details report does not populate for 6800/6500 devices.
CSCvo85645 Prime Infrastructure 3.5.x-Documentation required to use custom scripts while creating syslog policies.


My Templates page is loading slowly.


NMS and Matlab services may not start after reload.


Error while loading Inventory > Config Archive in Prime Infrastructure 3.4.1.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5 generates incomplete backup file on NFS.


Device down email alerts not working in Prime Infrastructure.


Prime Infrastructure 3.4-\"Password-lock-retry-count 3 lock-time 5\" locks account indefinitely.


Syslog retention does not work in Prime Infrastructure 3.3.


HA failback attempt recommendation text does not make sense.


Partial collection failure for IE1000 in Prime Infrastructure 3.5 and 3.6


Prime Infrastructure may not show network module details on the device summary page.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5 vulnerabilities-Insecure HTTP Header Policies and Browser cache weakness.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5-Dynamic device grouping not working as expected.


Inventory Collection status is not properly updated when Smart Inventory is enabled.


Prime Infrastructure 3.5.x Check Readiness: NETWORK - Check network bandwidth speed test fails.


C9300-48P+8 Chassis View not displayed correctly in Device Details Summary.


Prime Infrastructure's User's Guide needs updated around wireless map floorplan images.


Configuration Archive Rollback Failing for WLC \"360000ms timeout\".


Prime Infrastructure Multiple XSS vulnerabilities in Admin Web Interface.


Wireless controller of Cat4500 device is discovered as wired in Prime Infrastructure 3.5.


Export with Controller name or AP Model filter exporting only devices with case-sensitive match.


Issue in sorting "Client Count" or "Serial Number" column for meraki devices.


Upgrade to 3.6 from 3.5 ensure Post Upgrade hooks are completed.


Export without credentials not working for some filtering criteria.


OVA reserves half of CPU and memory for VM while deploying Prime Infrastructure.


London time shows as Bangladesh time on High Availability tab.


Event message is cut in the detailed view.


Config archive time out feature isn't respected; the predefined timeout values need to be documented.


AireOS WLC configuration backup file stored in Prime Infrastructure missing the \"config\" keyword.


Bulk import using a credential profile does not associate credential profile to the devices

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