Release Notes for Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Series Routers, IOS XR Release 6.5.2


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The Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Routers (NCS 540) complements Cisco’s offerings for IP RAN solutions for the GSM, UMTS, LTE, and CDMA. Cisco NCS 540 Series routers are designed with I-Temp grade devices.

The Cisco NCS 540 Series routers are designed for cost-effective delivery of these next-generation services. These routers are temperature-hardened, high-throughput, small form factor, low-power-consumption devices suitable for both outdoor and indoor deployments. They combine a comprehensive and scalable feature set of Layer 2 VPN (L2VPN) and Layer 3 VPN (L3VPN) services and a rich set of mobile features for a cost-optimized converged access platform. Capabilities such as advanced packet classification, segment routing, ultrawide ECMP, programmable network management, and telemetry are added to the robust and mature features already present in Cisco IOS XR Software.

This release notes describe the features provided in the Cisco IOS XR Software Release. See the Features Introduced in Cisco IOS XR Software Release 6.5.3 section in this document for information on new software features.

System Requirements

Cisco IOS XR Release 6.5.3 contains all features released in Cisco IOS XR Release 6.5.2, and Release 6.5.1.

Release 6.5.2 and Release 6.5.1 are limited availability (LA) releases.

This section describes the system requirements for the Cisco Network Convergence System 540 Series Routers Release 6.5.3.

For more information on IOS XR Release 6.5.1 features, see Release Notes for Cisco NCS 540 Series Routers, Release 6.5.1

For more information on IOS XR Release 6.5.2 features, see Release Notes for Cisco NCS 540 Series Routers, Release 6.5.2

Release 6.5.2 Packages

This table lists the Cisco IOS XR Software feature set matrix (packages) with associated filenames.

Table 1. Release 6.5.2 Packages for Cisco NCS 540 Series Router

Composite Package

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR IP Unicast Routing Core Bundle


Contains base image contents that includes:

  • Host operating system

  • System Admin boot image

  • IOS XR boot image

  • BGP packages

Individually-Installable Optional Packages

Feature Set



Cisco IOS XR Manageability Package


Extensible Markup Language (XML) Parser, Telemetry, Netconf, gRPC and HTTP server packages.

Cisco IOS XR MPLS Package



MPLS and MPLS Traffic Engineering (MPLS-TE) RPM.

Cisco IOS XR Security Package


Support for Encryption, Decryption, Secure Shell (SSH), Secure Socket Layer (SSL), and Public-key infrastructure (PKI)

Cisco IOS XR ISIS package


Support ISIS

Cisco IOS XR OSPF package


Support OSPF

Lawful Intercept (LI) Package


Includes LI software images

Multicast Package


Support Multicast

Cisco IOS XR USB Boot Package

USB Boot package

Determine Software Version

Log in to the router and enter the show version command:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router#show version
Thu Jan 31 16:45:16.518 IST
Cisco IOS XR Software, Version 6.5.2
Copyright (c) 2013-2019 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Build Information:
Built By     : ahoang
Built On     : Wed Jan 30 18:35:35 PST 2019
Built Host   : iox-ucs-026
Workspace    : /auto/srcarchive13/prod/6.5.2/ncs540/ws
Version      : 6.5.2
Location     : /opt/cisco/XR/packages/
cisco NCS-540 () processor
System uptime is 15 minutes

Log in to the router and enter the show hw-module fpd command:

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router#show hw-module fpd
Thu Jan 31 16:49:18.155 IST
                                                               FPD Versions
Location   Card type        HWver FPD device       ATR Status   Running Programd
0/RP0     N540-24Z8Q2C-M    0.5   MB-MIFPGA            CURRENT    0.04    0.04 
0/RP0     N540-24Z8Q2C-M    0.5   Bootloader           CURRENT    1.10    1.10 
0/RP0     N540-24Z8Q2C-M    0.5   CPU-IOFPGA           CURRENT    0.03    0.03 
0/RP0     N540-24Z8Q2C-M    0.5   MB-IOFPGA            CURRENT    0.18    0.18

Determine Firmware Support

Use the show hw-module fpd command in EXEC mode to view the hardware components with their current FPD version and status. The status of the hardware must be CURRENT; Running and Programed version must be the same.

RP/0/RP0/CPU0:router#show fpd package  
Thu Jan 31 16:49:19.875 IST
=============================== ================================================
                                        Field Programmable Device Package
                                               Req     SW      Min Req   Min Req
Card Type            FPD Description           Reload  Ver     SW Ver  Board Ver
=================== ========================== ====== ======= ======== =========
N540-24Z8Q2C-M        Bootloader(A)              YES     1.10    1.10    0.0 
                      CPU-IOFPGA(A)              YES     0.03    0.03    0.0 
                      MB-IOFPGA(A)               YES     0.18    0.18    0.0 
                      MB-MIFPGA                  YES     0.04    0.04    0.0 
                      SATA(A)                    NO      5.00    5.00    0.0 
N540-ACC-SYS          Bootloader(A)              YES     1.10    1.10    0.0 
                      CPU-IOFPGA(A)              YES     0.03    0.03    0.0 
                      MB-IOFPGA(A)               YES     0.18    0.18    0.0 
                      MB-MIFPGA                  YES     0.04    0.04    0.0 
                      SATA(A)                    NO      5.00    5.00    0.0 
N540-X-24Z8Q2C-M      Bootloader(A)              YES     1.10    1.10    0.0 
                      CPU-IOFPGA(A)              YES     0.03    0.03    0.0 
                      MB-IOFPGA(A)               YES     0.18    0.18    0.0 
                      MB-MIFPGA                  YES     0.04    0.04    0.0 
                      SATA(A)                    NO      5.00    5.00    0.0 
N540X-ACC-SYS         Bootloader(A)              YES     1.10    1.10    0.0 
                      CPU-IOFPGA(A)              YES     0.03    0.03    0.0 
                      MB-IOFPGA(A)               YES     0.18    0.18    0.0 
                      MB-MIFPGA                  YES     0.04    0.04    0.0 
                      SATA(A)                    NO      5.00    5.00    0.0

Supported MIBs

The Cisco NCS 5500 MIB support list is also applicable to the Series Routers. For the list of supported MIBs, see the Cisco NCS5500 MIB Support List.

Features Introduced in This Release

Supported Software Features

IEEE 1588 PTP Support on NCS-55A1-24H Routers

The NCS-55A1-24H Routers support the following IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocols (PTP):

  • G.8273.2

  • G.8275.1

  • G.8275.2

For more information, see Configuring Precision Time Protocol chapter of the System Management Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 540 Series Routers.

MPP for Third-Party Applications

This release introduces the following changes for MPP for Third-Party Applications feature:

  • Introduction of sub-mode protection under tpa sub-mode.

  • Only tcp and udp protocol can be specified as parameters for the allow protocol command.

  • The control-plane and management-plane configuration is now moved to protection sub-mode under tpa.

For more information about Upgrading FPD, see the System Management Configuration Guide for Cisco NCS 540 Series Routers.

Supported Hardware Features

There are no new hardware features in this release.

Supported Optics

The following optics are supported on the Cisco NCS 540 Series router in this release:

  • QSFP-100G-SR4-S

  • QSFP-100G-LR4-S

  • QSFP-100G-PSM4-S

  • QSFP-100G-CWDM4-S

  • QSFP-100G-SM-SR

  • QSFP-100G-AOCxxM

  • QSFP-40G-SR4, and –S

  • QSFP-40G-CSR4

  • QSFP-40G-SR-BD

  • QSFP-40G-LR4, and –S

  • WSP-Q40GLR4L

  • QSFP-40G-ER4

  • QSFP-4x10G-LR-S (40G-PSM4)

  • SFP-25G-SR-S

  • SFP-10G-SR, and –S

  • SFP-10G-SR-X

  • SFP-10G-LR, and –S

  • SFP-10G-LR-X

  • SFP-10G-ER, and –S

  • SFP-10G-ZR, and –S

  • DWDM-SFP10G-xxxx (fixed)

  • DWDM-SFP10G-59.79

  • DWDM-SFP10G-C (tunable)

  • GLC-TE (1000BASE-T)







  • CWDM-SFP-xxxx (CWDM-SFP-1550, CWDM-SFP-1570)

  • DWDM-SFP-xxxx (DWDM-SFP-5494)

  • RPHY-S10G-40K-200=

  • RPHY-S10G-20K-200=

Restrictions and Limitations on the Cisco NCS 540 Series Router

The following restrictions are applicable only to Cisco N540-24Z8Q2C-SYS, N540X-ACC-SYS, and N540-ACC-SYS variants.

  • In the Cisco IOS XR Release 7.0.1, the Packet IO feature is not supported on bundle interfaces.

  • The show inventory and the show diagnostic commands do not display the fan serial number.

  • The interface ports 0/0/0/24 to 0/0/0/31 do not support 1G Copper SFPs.

  • Remove the speed settings on the 1G Copper optics when 10M/100M is configured and replaced with 1G SFP optics.

  • The hw-module profile mfib statistics command is not supported.


This section describes open and resolved severity 1 and 2 caveats and select severity 3 caveats:

  • The “Open Caveats” sections list open caveats that apply to the current release and may apply to previous releases. A caveat that is open for a prior release and is still unresolved applies to all future releases until it is resolved.

  • The “Resolved Caveats” sections list caveats resolved in a specific release, but open in previous releases.

The bug IDs are sorted alphanumerically.


The Caveats section includes the bug ID and a short description of the bug. For details on the symptoms, conditions, and workaround for a specific caveat you must use the Bug Search Tool.

Caveats Specific to the NCS 540 Routers

Bug ID



Memory alarms are observed when restart SMU is added and activated


Operational Failures are not made available to "Show configurations warnings" CLI

Upgrading Cisco IOS XR Software

Cisco IOS XR Software is installed and activated from modular packages, allowing specific features or software patches to be installed, upgraded, or downgraded without affecting unrelated processes. Software packages can be upgraded or downgraded on all supported card types, or on a single card (node).

The upgrade document is available along with the software images.

Production Software Maintenance Updates (SMUs)

A production SMU is a SMU that is formally requested, developed, tested, and released. Production SMUs are intended for use in a live network environment and are formally supported by the Cisco TAC and the relevant development teams. Software bugs identified through software recommendations or Bug Search Tools are not a basis for production SMU requests.

For information on production SMU types, refer the Production SMU Types section of the IOS XR Software Maintenance Updates (SMUs) guide.

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