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Articles for Small Business Security

Keep your business secure

Get the latest security news, tips, articles, how-to's, and more.

5 security tools to protect your small business data

Explore these 5 security tools and how they protect your small business data as if it were an enterprise.

SMB Cybersecurity Report

Big Security in a Small Business World: 10 myth busters for SMB cybersecurity.

Hear first-hand how Cisco Partners are helping small business customers successfully navigate the complexity of security.

Protection Inside and Outside the Office: The New State of Cybersecurity

More and more employees are working outside of the central office — and often outside its protection. To secure these remote workers and locations requires a fundamentally different approach.

Cybersecurity Case Studies – Customer Wins

Customer success stories that show how companies are able to simplify their security, accelerate their success, and protect their future using Cisco security solutions.

Six Degrees of Network Security

A number of obstacles stand between you and a safe network. Your security solution shouldn't be one of them. Avoid these six common security pitfalls that put your users, their devices, and your data at risk.

Checklist: 5 Cybersecurity tools to empower your business

Antivirus software and differentiated passwords are an excellent start but hardly cover the sophistication necessary to properly secure business data today.

3 Tips for Choosing a firewall for your SMB

Most next-generation firewalls (NGFW) reduce risk by providing access control over applications. But they don’t go far enough to eliminate threats. Small and midsize businesses need to demand more from their firewalls.

Top 5 ways CDO Simplifies Security Management

Security is complex. Security management doesn't have to be.

How to Setup a Firewall in 6 Steps

You're ready for your next adventure: setting up a firewall. Gulp. Breathe easy, because we’ve broken it down to 6 simple steps.

What is endpoint security?

Secure your devices: laptops, cell phones on- or off-network. Prevent threats at every point of entry.

Cisco Advanced Phishing Protection (PDF)

Detect fraudulent senders with threat intelligence that adapts in real time to block BEC and advanced phishing attacks.

Preventing Phishing Attacks (PDF)

Learn how to stop this $5.3 billion threat with our experts' advice.

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