2021 Security Outcomes Study for SMBs

Discover the cybersecurity strategies that small and midsize business (SMB) leaders are using to thrive in today's ever-evolving threat landscape.

What we cover

The Cisco Cybersecurity Report Series is a collection of thought leadership studies. This spin-off from our flagship Security Outcomes Study focuses on SMB organizations. The double-blind study is based on a survey of over 850 global IT and security professionals from small (50 to 249 employees) and midsize (250 to 499 employees) organizations in 25 countries around the world. 

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Learn the proven factors of success from the 2021 SMB Security Outcomes Study and the data-driven methods of improving program success, retaining security talent, and more.

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Small and midsize business success factors

Success factors for small businesses

Good things do come in small packages. Your company's smaller size needn't impede you when building a cybersecurity program. Learn which practices lead to success. 

Success factors for midsize businesses

Identify the security practices that correlate most strongly with achieving outcomes in three categories: enabling business, managing risk, and operating efficiently.