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Small Business Networking Solutions

Networking solutions can keep your employees connected and productive wherever they are.

What makes up a small business network?

As your business grows, you need more than just basic Internet access. You need a network. Networks are built out of switches, routers, and wireless access points. They connect everything—including computers, smartphones, peripherals, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices—to other networks and the Internet.


Switches connect things like computers, printers, and servers, creating a network of shared resources. A switch serves as a controller, enabling networked devices to talk to each other efficiently.


A router connects local networks to other local networks or to the Internet. A wireless router, also called a Wi-Fi router, combines the networking functions of a wireless access point and a router.

Wireless Access Points

A wireless access point connects devices to the network wirelessly, using radio frequencies. Access points boost Wi-Fi signals so a device can be far from a router and still be connected to the network.

Advantages of a network

Shared Internet access

When your users access the Internet through the same connection, you can share network-connected resources like printers – adding convenience and cutting down costs.


Network users can log into their profiles and get what they need, when they need it – from anywhere in the world. No more storing files on multiple standalone computers. 

Increased productivity

Store files in one place. Set up a VPN (virtual private network) to allow secure remote connections, and work from anywhere. Network backups help ensure that data isn’t lost in a crash. 

Comprehensive security

Having your own small business network puts you in control of who’s using it. It also gives you visibility. Network-wide security features allow you to protect across the whole network at once. 

The needs of the entertainment industry are ever-changing. Our clients require extremely tight deadlines and turnaround times. In order to service our clients and maintain our global inventory, we need systems that can keep up with our people. Cisco has enabled us to build a fast, strong, and resilient network to keep our people—and equipment—moving.

Matt Clair, CIO, Clair Global

How to buy small business networking solutions

Get 0% financing

Easily fund the technology you need with Cisco Capital financing.

Find a partner

Buy with a local certified partner to help you with your technology needs.

Connect with a Cisco specialist

Connect with a representative who can help with your business technology needs.