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Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

Automate and simplify your operations

Deliver high-quality services faster and more easily through network automation. Cisco Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) is industry-leading software for automating services across traditional and virtualized networks. Use NSO to add, change, and delete services without disrupting overall service, and help ensure that services are delivered in real time.

Why Cisco NSO is #1


Time & motions savings


   OpEx reduction


      5Yr ROI


Tier 1 & 2 savings



How people are using NSO

Crosswork Automation and NSO

NSO is an integral component of the Cisco Crosswork Network Automation solution for service providers. Crosswork enables service providers to proactively manage their end-to-end networks, with a suite of machine-learning, intent-based and closed-loop solutions to ensure faster innovation, extraordinary customer experiences, and operational excellence.

Latest innovation: NSO 5

With the introduction of NSO 5, Service Providers can accelerate revenue-generating services with automated, self-service, and on-demand provisioning in even the largest multi-vendor networks at over 100K+ devices and beyond.

NSO 5 continues the proven history Cisco’s Network Service Orchestrator, the most trusted orchestration solution in the market with over eight years of hardening in over 100 production networks across the globe. Now with an enhanced NED Builder tool which empowers customers to be able to create their own element drivers beyond the existing 1777 existing non-Cisco vendors – ensuring independence Cisco to connect even more effectively across multi-vendor networks.

See how it works

Cisco® Network Services Orchestrator (NSO) enabled by Tail-f® is a model driven (YANG) platform for automating your network orchestration. It supports multi-vendor networks through a rich variety of Network Element Drivers (NEDs).

NSO supports the process of validating, implementing and abstracting your network config and network services, providing support for the entire transformation into intent based networking.

NSO and the DevOps toolchain

Cisco NSO serves an important role in your DevOps strategy by acting as a bridge between your toolchain and the underling infrastructure you need to control. This white paper explores how NSO integrates into and strengthens your DevOps toolchain.

Sales Enablement

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