Cisco Next-Generation Network Solutions for Videoscape

Offering Next-Generation Video Services

Telstra and Cisco use Videoscape to enable leading-edge video content delivery. (2:35 min).

Cisco Next-Generation Network Solutions for Videoscape

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The next generation of media experiences may be powered by the cloud, but delivering those high-quality experiences to consumers efficiently requires an intelligent network infrastructure.

Cisco Next-Generation Network Solutions for Cisco Videoscape combine embedded video intelligence with unprecedented scale, performance, lossless transport, and nonstop availability to provide immersive media experiences. They form a medianet infrastructure that is network-, media-, and device-aware and optimized for video applications and communications.

These solutions include industry-leading Cisco IP core, aggregation, and access solutions, and the Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite for third-generation, end-to-end content delivery networks (CDNs). Together, these solutions help customers exploit the full power of the service provider cloud and deliver media experiences with exceptional scale, quality, and efficiency.

Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite (VDS) goes beyond traditional content delivery network (CDN) products. It is a third-generation, video-centric, content delivery suite of products that optimizes the delivery of any type of video content over any network to any type of device. VDS is a holistic end-to-end solution built on open standards and interoperability that bridges cloud and network functionality while serving as the network distribution engine behind the Videoscape architecture.

With the introduction of VDS, Cisco leads the industry in providing a complete product suite with all the capabilities needed for the third generation of content delivery. It offers managed delivery and transparent caching of content on IP, TV, and mobile networks; in-network recording and multi-format origin server; multi-CDN federation; end-to-end analytics, and mobile content optimization.

New Videoscape Distribution Suite Products

  • Cisco VDS Video Recording (VDS-VR): Offers cloud-driven recording of live media to help enable a variety of revenue generating, time-shifted TV services
  • Cisco VDS Origin Server (VDS-OS): Provides consolidated HTTP media origination services and HTTP adaptive bit rate streaming optimization for live, video-on-demand, and time-shifted TV services on an easy-to-manage platform
  • Cisco VDS Optimization Engine (VDS-OE): Optimizes radio access network (RAN) and packet core traffic while improving user experience
  • Cisco VDS Service Broker (VDS-SB): Consists of service selector per caching node and CDN interconnect capabilities required for CDN federation
  • Cisco VDS for Transparent Caching (VDS-TC): Optimizes unmanaged over-the-top (OTT) content from the network core to the edge

In addition, Cisco has integrated significant enhancements to its current Videoscape Distribution Suite portfolio.

Enhancements to existing products include:

  • Cisco VDS hardware: Tighter integration with the Cisco UCS data center solution, and Cisco routers and switches
  • Cisco VDS Service Manager (VDS-SM): Formerly known as Cisco CDN Analytics, this product is a software platform for real-time analytics, service provisioning, and diagnostics
  • Cisco VDS for Television (VDS-TV): Formerly known as Cisco Content Delivery Network for TV, this product delivers live and time-shifted content to managed devices such as set-top boxes or multiscreen gateways
  • Cisco VDS for Internet Streaming (VDS-IS): Formerly known as Cisco Content Delivery Network for Internet Streaming, this product manages and streams Internet-originated content to the end device for retail CDN and wholesale CDN markets

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