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Cisco Unified Domain Center At-a-Glance

Extend an enterprise’s reach into a service provider network with solutions to manage the enterprise’s mobile resources

This new product from Cisco can help Mobile Network Operators (MNO) generate new revenue from enterprises. Here’s how:

  • Empower enterprises to manage and control a collection of MNO resources
  • Extend the enterprise’s intent-based networking domain to include part of the MNO’s capabilities
  • Facilitate implementation of an enterprise’s 4G/5G use cases
  • Build the base infrastructure for offering advanced, lucrative, industry use cases
  • Strengthen the opportunities for MNOs to offer unique bundled offerings to the enterprise market

Lower CapEx and OpEx

Unified Domain Center helps lower your capital expenditures by letting you replace purpose-built hardware with standardized compute and storage platforms.

It helps reduce operational expenditures by adding efficiency to your packet core infrastructure, reducing the network footprint, and simplifying network configuration and maintenance.



Unified Domain Center provides a path to new markets and revenues for service providers. It can:

  • Enable their enterprise customers to extend their visibility, policies, and control across all mobile devices.
  • Increase assurance. Security can be automated with a single, simplified portal within the enterprise data center.

The primary objective for developing Unified Domain Center is to empower service providers to offer to their enterprise customers enhanced capabilities that are embedded in and unique to the mobile network. These solutions are above and beyond the connectivity and connection management offered today and should bring new revenue to operators. Unified Domain Center provides a monetization platform for service providers to bundle their network capabilities tailored for specific enterprise use cases and offer that to enterprises mapped to their need and taxonomy. This product provides a monetization mechanism for network as a service. Some differentiating factors for MNOs and enterprises:

  • Applies to 4G as well as 5G
  • Provides easy, single-pane-of-glass management for the enterprise
  • Protection of MNO functions by verification and filtration of interactions with enterprise
  • Cloud-native designed


Operational agility for MNOs

  • A cloud-native, multi-tenant software platform for creation of new use cases tailored for enterprises
  • Includes operator-specific differentiation
  • Provides an open API to offer enterprises different sets of capabilities (network as a service)
  • Enable operator control, time to market, and feature differentiation
  • Minimum or no impact to standard functions
  • Protection of MNO functions by verification of changes by enterprises
  • Creates valuable information by filtering and processing generic data
  • Takes advantage of existing 4G functions, as well as future 5G functions
  • Includes charging and auditing functions for monetization and support


Unified Domain Center 

Why you want Unified Domain Center

The time is now for creating a business base to address enterprise 5G use cases.

There is a common belief that enterprise use cases will be the main driver of 5G capabilities, and provide the main business justification for 5G investment. To win enterprise business, service providers will need to address the enterprise requirements. These include:

  •  Support of heterogeneous access, and support for both 4G and 5G
  •  Having control for provisioning and design and receiving relevant information (assurance)
  •  Ease of use, automation, and single-pane-of-glass management
  •  Using the enterprise’s own taxonomy and labeling meaningful to an enterprise’s business
  •  Address industry-specific opportunities