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Cisco Service Provider Mobility Solutions

Building a profitable mobile network

Your business differentiates itself by the connected experiences and the cloud services that you enable for your consumer and business clients. This is the key to monetizing 5G. But it takes a connected multi-cloud-to-client network that unifies multi-vendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture to make it happen.

Through new innovations in cloud based packet core, seamless business-to-service provider network connections, automation advances with machine-learning and artificial intelligence, and a trusted secure infrastructure, the road to a profitable network has never been clearer.

New innovations

Unified Domain Center

Establish a clear path for new monetization opportunities by removing the barriers across enterprise, cloud, and the connectivity service provider networks to empower customers to create and manage network services. With this solution, connectivity service providers give their enterprise customers the same look and feel of their LAN across the CSP mobility and WAN networks. It empowers the connectivity service provider to create win-win partnerships with their business customers.

Ultra Cloud Core

Cisco Ultra Cloud Core is the industry leading full-featured (in-line services) packet core platform that seamlessly and securely unifies 3G/4G/5G/IoT/WiFi connected services. It’s advanced CUPS delivers a disaggregated solution supporting Multi-Access Edge Computing and can be instantiated in any cloud environment. This is the latest evolution of the Cisco Ultra Services Platform which is operating the industry’s largest fully-virtualized packet core network.

Why Cloud Native Packet Core

This cloud native packet core includes a common component architecture and advance automation that greatly speeds time-to-market, reduces Opex and lowers risk of implementing new services and network upgrades.

Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization

Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization is a machine-learning cloud-native solution that improves customer experience while reducing costs and congestion. Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization offers an attractive alternative to deploying costly spectrum and additional cellular radio gear because it optimizes large traffic flows on congested cells, maximizing the radio network performance where it is most needed.

Cisco Ultra Traffic Optimization

Making 5G profitable

5G is here. But how you deploy it will determine if it is profitable, or just another radio upgrade. The secret is unleashing the technology to enable premium services to flow easily to business customer and subscribers.

You need an open, hyper-programmable architecture that slims down your multivendor, multidomain network into a sleek, agile, unified system. We’ve used our breadth of understanding across multi-cloud, IP routing, 5G core, service edge, access networks, IOT, and security to create real value in 5G services.

Delivering traffic engineering for bandwidth management, network control for your applications, flexible network topology support for interactive service assurance, and much more.

Cisco’s mobility family of products

Ultra Services Platform

Ultra Services Platform is the family of software network products that drive revenue in the core of the network. The platform includes virtualized packet core and policy network functions.

Ultra Packet Core

An industry-leading, fully virtualized packet core with full feature commonality with the physical Cisco ASR 5500 Series packet core. It supports all packet core services for 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, Wi-Fi, and small-cell networks into a single solution. UPC provides these network functions as virtualized services, so you can scale capacity and introduce new services much faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Ultra M

Ultra M is a pre-validated, turnkey virtual solution that consists of Cisco® mobility software, Cisco general-purpose compute hardware, and various OpenStack components that support the ability to orchestrate and manage the virtual network functions (VNF) as a core network element.

This product is designed for the service provider who wants a virtualized solution without the complexity.

Cisco Policy Suite

Go beyond traditional policy and charging rules to function as a next-generation management solution. This is a cloud-native comprehensive policy, charging, and subscriber data management solution that allows service providers to control and monetize their networks and to profit from personalized services.

Part of Cisco Ultra Services Platform but designed so it can also stand alone.

Cisco Crosswork SON

Cisco Crosswork SON is a suite of leading multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) self-organizing network (SON) solutions. This is a powerful platform that uses machine learning and a set of applications that automates the Radio Access Network (RAN).

✔ Extends beyond the RAN to optimize the user experience from end-device to the core and the internet.

✔ xRAN open APIs enables user-level visibility in real time and implement a control loop directly with the xRAN controller. This enables real-time optimization at the edge while being orchestrated by Cisco Crosswork centralized SON to assure optimal network performance.

✔ Delivers the ability to reduce the operating cost (CapEx and OpEx) while improving user experience.

Cisco Crosswork User-Centric SON

Cisco Crosswork User-Centric SON introduces user-centric optimization, based on new data sources such as Customer Experience systems, geo-location, crowdsourcing and big data analytics. It enables operators to offer differentiated QoE to their subscribers. It also introduces machine learning capabilities, enabling Crosswork SON to become pro-active, predicting performance degradation and the most effective action to address it

Cisco Crosswork SON

The only product in the market supporting all RAN technologies (2G, 3G, 4G and upcoming 5G) and all RAN vendors. Crosswork SON product portfolio offers dozens of closed-loop automation and optimization applications already optimizing millions of cells worldwide.

Cisco Crosswork Cluster SON can be deployed on any local vRAN cloud, including ONAP at the edge.

Crosswork SONFlex

APIs open Cisco Crosswork SON platform to 3rd party and operator-driven innovation. It enables hassle-free SON development, obscuring the complexities of the underlying vendor equipment and management systems. It also provides the conflict management services, essential to enable multiple SON applications optimizing the network simultaneously.

Crosswork SONFlex Studio

GUI-based environment enabling non-programmers to create light-weight automation applications using Crosswork SONFlex APIs. It reduces OPEX by boosting the effectiveness of the radio engineers who can automate their routine tasks. The resulting apps can be shared across markets and customized to the market-specific challenges and practices.

Multi-Domain Service Optimization

Cisco’s 5G-ready Multi-Domain Service Optimization (MDSO) provides e2e visibility and automation framework for network slices and service optimization. MDSO optimizes user-level service KQIs across all service domains - application servers, packet core, backhaul and RAN. MDSO assures that network limited capacity is utilized in the best possible manner according to operator’s policies.

xHaul: The Network Convergence System

The Cisco NCS 500 Series is a highly secure access-routing platform for service providers. Available in both fixed and modular form factors, these routers are optimized for converged access networks, to meet the demands of trusted 5G xHaul, cable CIN applications, and TDM-IP.

With the NCS 500 series, you can deliver the network of the future, driven by next-generation technologies such as 5G for mobile, Remote PHY for cable, Carrier Ethernet evolution, and FTTx.

NCS 560

Optimized for converged access networks, to meet the demands of trusted 5G xHaul, cable CIN applications, and TDM-IP

NCS 540

1 RU - Up to 300 Gbps
24 x 1/10 GE; 8 x 1/10/25 GE;
2 x 40/100 GE

NCS 520

1 RU - Up to 60 Gbps
8-port NID or 24-port Carrier Ethernet switch

Built-in trust for more secure networks

Deal with the expanded threat surface with a fully trusted chain of control and active security:

  • Trusted hardware: Anti counterfeit and Trust Anchor architecture

  • Trust in the Network OS: Image signing and secure boot infrastructure

  • Trust at runtime: Run time defense, encrypted transport, DDoS protection

  • Trust visibility: Cloud orchestration

Mobile security

Secure your mobile network

Cisco Threat-Centric security solutions enable mobile operators to protect their business, their customers and monetize new opportunities.