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Cisco Crosswork SONFlex At-a-Glance

What Crosswork SONFlex does

Cisco Crosswork SONFlex extends the SON automation and optimization capability to its full potential. It enables operators to create customized applications for their individual needs in an agile development cycle, significantly shortening the time to market for new service launches and increasing SON savings.

Figure 1. Cisco Crosswork SONFlex architecture


  • Open, multi-vendor, multi-technology platform for Self-Organizing Network (SON) innovation. Reduce the cost of development, deployment, and maintenance of SON applications, and the cost of introducing new SON solutions successfully into your network. Eliminate the need to understand the complexities of writing a closed-loop application, or the internal aspects of connecting to the Radio Access Network (RAN) of a specific vendor.
  • Intent-driven, vendor-agnostic optimization with Cisco® SON’s insights, feedback service, and conflict management. Minimize time to value and maximize saving.
  • Conflict management. Cisco Crosswork™ SONFlex can enable simultaneous operation of multiple SON applications, both operator and third parties. Maximize SON value while avoiding conflicts and network degradation.
  • Extreme automation by non-programmers using SONFlex Studio. Free radio engineers to focus on decision-making activities while automating routine tasks.
  • Instant deployment of SON applications. Gain instant deployment using the Crosswork SON Kubernetes-based microservices hosting environment. Easily deploy on a specific area or your entire network. Seamlessly migrate to any hosting environment.
  • End-to-end service optimization. Launch innovative services while assuring service SLAs across all network domains (RAN, backhaul, core, policy, etc.).
  • Future proof. Crosswork SONFlex is aligned with 5G SON requirements and the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) architecture.
  • CapEx and OpEx savings. Reduce capital expenditures by network commoditization and by extreme optimization to get the most out of your network. Take automation to a new era to make the most of efficiencies and reduce costs. Enable new, premium revenue-generating services and increase customer satisfaction.


Cisco is the market leader in Self-Organizing Networks (SON)

The Cisco Crosswork SONFlex platform and APIs have been designed on Cisco’s field-proven experience in delivering scalable, multi-vendor, multi-technology SON solutions for all technologies and deployment modes. SONFlex has been hardened over years of usage for internal Cisco SON development, and since its launch last year, it has been field-proven with Tier 1 accounts in North America and Europe. It is currently the only solution in the market that has been field-proven to scale up for more cells and more applications with powerful SON insights, orchestration and conflict management, and feedback.

As part of the Cisco Crosswork mobility umbrella, it is a future-proof solution for 5G optimization, supporting integration into multiple network domains such as the transport and backhaul, the core, and policy domains, enabling end-to-end service optimization solutions.


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