Data Center for Media and Entertainment

Limitlessly scalable and flexible storage

Media and entertainment companies are creating an incredible amount of content with escalating resolution. The challenge is to manage this vast amount of unstructured data in a way that can be easily scale and be readily accessible across the media chain. The answer is the integration of software-defined storage and an end-to-end workflow that creates a single pool of data that is easy to find, easy to store, easy to access and easy to protect.

Open opportunities

  • Accelerated workflows, with content available whenever you need it, and wherever you need it, ready for different use cases
  • Limitlessly scalable and flexible storage system that gives you the freedom to grow, in your own terms both with your hardware and software

What makes Cisco data center solutions for media unique?

The UCS storage series is proven - widely adopted across multiple industries. For media and entertainment, the UCS solution is a more cost efficient way to store and access with scalable infrastructure:

  • Very low cost per petabyte of storage
  • Pay-as-you grow model
  • High performance
  • Smart maintenance
  • Simple management
  • Easily integrates with your existing UCS ecosystem

Our partner community

Cisco data center solutions are fully integrated with all the major ecosystem partners in the industry. It’s the best of both worlds. Cisco and partner equipment teaming together, tested end-to-end, validated, qualified, with design guides to simplify integration.