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Interconnect the Cable Access Network

Intelligently interconnect your network

Plan, design, and build your converged interconnect network (CIN) as the framework for coalescing all of your services. Begin by interconnecting what you have digitized with what you have virtualized. Then proceed to automate, scale, control, optimize, and secure your network, your services, and your customers.

Intelligently interconnect

Converge your services onto a single, digitized network. Make your network one seamless system from headend/cores through the your digitized deep access (Remote PHY). Base your Converged Interconnect Network (CIN) on digital Ethernet—and achieve an end-to-end network ready for automation, optimization, and mass scale.

ACG Research white paper: Cable interconnect network evoluton

Designing and implementing a converged interconnect network (CIN) for your distributed access architecture (DAA) requires careful planning and thoughtful consideration about current and future needs. A well-designed CIN will provide operational and capital expense savings as well as a pathway for future network innovation.

Simplifying network management

Discover how a converged interconnect network with Remote PHY brings efficiency, precision, and agility to drive down operating costs.

Continue your cable network transformation