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Secret to 5G Profits

The network - not the radio - will drive profits

Yes, 5G Networks Can be Profitable

5G is a necessity.
But the way you build it will either result in new profits and opportunities or just be a costly extension of 4G.
Which do you want?
The time is now to take a different approach to 5G.

The four characteristics of a profitable 5G network:

Cisco Unified Domain Center

  • Monetize Networking-as-a-Service
  • Enterprise Control 

Cisco Managed Services Accelerator

  • One Platform; Many Services
  • Virtual Plug-and-Play Deployment


Modernize operations of your 5G network to accelerate time-to-value and reduce expenses with intent-based closed-loop automation.

Cisco Network Services Orchestrator 5

  • Virtually Unlimited Scalability
  • Proven, Open, Trusted

Cisco Crosswork SON

  • QOE Improvements
  • Multi-Vendor, Services & Technology

Cisco Crosswork Network Insights

  • Rich Analysis of Data
  • Hosted Cloud App

Cisco Ultra Cloud Core

  • Advanced Infrastructure Analytics
  • Easy, Low-Risk Services Introduction

Cisco Virtualized Infrastructure

  • Turnkey Lifecycle Management Platform
  • Fully Integrated, Carrier-Grade Solution

5G Now

With Cisco 5G Now, your network can become a revenue-generating machine, delivering intent-based networking, Internet of Things data, collaboration tools, software-defined networking, managed security and other services.

Deploying 5G Now

New Technologies. New Services. New Revenue Streams.

5G has the potential to change everything. But your network must be ready first.

5G in Action

For many Cisco customers, 5G Now is a reality. Here are real-world examples of how Cisco is helping build out 5G networks around the world.

Innovative 5G System creates World’s First Fully Virtualized Network in Japan

Learn how Rakuten Mobile Network Inc.is virtualizing its entire network to offer consumer mobile, NB-IoT, fixed wireless, connected everything and more.

Learn how Saudi Telecom Company is making the transition to 5G using cutting edge technologies in virtualization, cloud, IP and cyber security.