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Simplified open access

Reduce costs and time to market across open access technologies to improve your subscriber experiences and simplify deployments.

Simplify your 5G deployment

Deploy a proven 5G ecosystem dedicated to simplifying a truly open and converged access network, which allows connections to freely move between various access types. Deliver the highest possible quality of experience, manage costs, and optimize traffic - all in one intent-based architecture.

Open virtualized RAN demonstrated

Now there's proof that open vRAN is not only possible but can be done faster and at lower costs than traditional RAN networks. See the simplicity of operations behind the largest open and virtualized mobile network in the world - Rakuten.

Increase bandwidth and reliability now

Cisco’s Seamless X-Access Convergence makes it simple to deliver the bandwidth and reliability you need over simultaneous wireless and wireline access.

Seamless X-Access convergence from Cisco

Deploy next-generation mobile core technology and software on the industry-leading cloud-native cisco ultra services platform while using heterogeneous networks (HetNet) to enable wireless and wireline convergence

Seamlessly provide bandwidth aggregation across multiple links.

Increase bandwidth and improve quality of experience.

Simultaneously connect to cellular (4G LTE and 5G), Wi-Fi and Wireline IP access.

Check out our Cloud-to-Client approach, unifying multivendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture.