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Between building a 5G network and unlocking its promise, there’s a bridge.

Profitable 5G networks

5G is here. But how you deploy it will determine if it is profitable or just another radio upgrade. The secret is unleashing an open, hyper-programmable architecture that slims down your multivendor, multidomain network into a sleek, agile, unified system to enable premium services to flow easily to business customers and subscribers.

Monetizing 5G services

Enhance connected experiences and revenue potential through cloud-based delivery of premium services.

Cisco 5G powerX

Gain cloud-provider agility, flexibility, and control along with high-speed ubiquitous access to open up revenue opportunities now.

Simplified open access

Reduce costs and slash time to operation using seamless connectivity across open access technologies.

Unified services enablement

Deploy an automated, highly flexible and ultrareliable services platform that supports massive scalability and enhanced 5G services now.

Building blocks of 5G profitability

Mapping success in 5G

Evolve an existing network into an automated, software-defined network and achieve the same benefits once thought only possible with a new network. This paper is your map to success in the 5G era.

Monetizing improved subscriber experiences through the cloud

Expand your business reach and agility with a full featured cloud native 5G/4G packet core that migrates control to the cloud.

Cisco Ultra Cloud Core with CUPS is the industry-leading full-featured (in-line services) packet core platform that seamlessly and securely unifies 3G/4G/5G/IoT/WiFi connected services.

The agility, reach, and responsiveness of Cisco Ultra Cloud Core empowers network slicing, which can improve subscriber experiences, expand revenue opportunities, and optimize CapEx.

Increase speed to revenue through multi-vendor orchestration

Cisco NSO uses open API orchestration across your entire network to deliver high-quality services quickly and easily.

Now, with the introduction of NSO 5, you can accelerate revenue-generating services with automated, self-service, and on-demand provisioning in even the largest multi-vendor networks with more than 100,000 devices and beyond.

Cisco 5G in action

See how the Cisco 5G solution can be used to transform business and overcome the most difficult challenges.

Business opportunities for
Wi-Fi 6 in the 5G era

An airport use case highlights the many ways Wi-Fi 6 benefits the enterprise space.

Maximizing 5G opportunities requires a mobile network with the control, flexibility and scale to deliver premium experiences.

Cable providers can leverage their networks to deliver 5G mobile services and wholesale backhaul with Cisco-led DOCSIS enhancements.

For many Cisco customers, 5G is a reality. Here are real-world examples of how Cisco is helping build out 5G networks around the world.

Driving profits from connected vehicles

Exponential traffic growth from changes in the automotive industry offers new revenue opportunities.

Learn how Saudi Telecom Company is making the transition to 5G using cutting edge technologies in virtualization, cloud, IP, and cyber security.

Gogo building the first nationwide 5G network for aviation

Gogo and Cisco work together on building the first nationwide 5G network dedicated specifically to aviation. See how we’re bringing 5G into the air.

Innovative 5G system creates first virtualized network

See how Cisco partnered with Rakuten to build the world’s first cloud-native mobile network.

Jumpstart your 5G transformation

Build your own roadmap

Cisco and IDC surveyed 400 service providers around the globe about their digital transformation adoption. Take this FREE assessment to benchmark your progress and begin the development of a customized roadmap aligned to your specific needs.

The support you need

Increase speed to market, reduce complexity, and deliver with service excellence from Cisco Customer Experience.

Power up your network

Deploying mass scale IP networks with the most advanced routing portfolio.

Powering extraordinary and personalized experiences at mass scale

Benefit from simplification at scale, multi-dimensional programmability, built-in trust, and flexible consumption so you can build a network that fits your business needs.

NCS 5500 Series

Now 400G-ready with dense integrated 400GE/200GE/100GE line cards for mass-scale networking. This third-generation of line cards offers customers strong investment protection and a path towards 400G networking.

NCS 500 Series

New variants of NCS 540 and a new NCS 560 chassis (4RU) to better support customers building their 5G networks.

ASR 9000 Series

Modular, high density, power efficient, and secure platform. Engineered for new architectures. 400G ready.

8000 Series

Cisco 8000 Series Routers are cloud-enhanced systems designed to deliver unparalleled routing performance and functionality that scale to meet the speed of business required by critical infrastructures.

Built-in trust for more secure networks

Deal with the expanded threat surface with a fully trusted chain of control and active security:

  • Trustworthy hardware: Anti-counterfeit and Trust Anchor architecture

  • Trust in the network operating system: Image signing and secure boot infrastructure

  • Trust at runtime: Run-time defense, encrypted transport, DDoS protection

  • Trust visibility: Cloud orchestration

Check out our Cloud-to-Client approach, unifying multivendor solutions into a single, standards-based architecture.