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Cisco IoT Solutions for Connected Roadways and Intersections

Improve public safety, increase operational efficiency, and optimize traffic management with connected roadways and intersections.

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Transforming automotive travel

Ford Motor Company, City of Detroit, and Cisco share the role technology, software, and the connected vehicle will play in the future of automotive travel.

Cisco IoT solutions help you

Improve roadway safety

Help to reduce the number and severity of crashes and motorist injuries. Provide faster incident response through real-time insights and automation.

Enhance operational efficiency

Provide visibility into field devices, better uptime, remote management of devices, automated real-time weather, and traffic alerts.

Reduce traffic congestion

Connect devices such as traffic lights, weather sensors, and cameras to optimize traffic flow, monitor road conditions, and detect violations.

Lower carbon emissions

Regulate traffic flow to ease congestion and reduce vehicle idling time.

Connect and secure your roadside infrastructure

Traffic signal controller monitoring

Make remote SPaT (signal phase and timing) adjustments. Modify signal operation to optimize flow of traffic, reducing congestion.

Remote weather information system

Monitor weather and road conditions to warn drivers of hazardous conditions.


Video surveillance

Get real-time visibility into traffic movement and congestion and detect traffic violations. Use analytics to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

Electronic tolling stations

Use automation to reduce traffic delays by making toll collection faster.

Dynamic message signs

Provide drivers with roadway information and guidance on lane closures, traffic accidents, and weather conditions.

Electric vehicle charging

Remotely monitor and maintain charging stations. Provide secure customer billing and payment services.

Transport for NSW transforms the future of transport

We are growing the network with cutting-edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Game-changing projects and partnerships will shape NSW cities, centres and communities for generations to come.

Rob Sharp, Secretary, Transport for NSW

Webinar: Safer cities, better traffic management

Cisco and industry experts explore how secure, reliable connectivity can help enhance public safety and optimize management of traffic.

‘Build Back Better’ with Cisco networking

Cisco and partner, WSP, are featured in a video at ITS America. As customers and partners design intelligent transport systems, a secure, rugged, and scalable network infrastructure is the backbone.

Cisco Validated Design Guides (CVDs) for Roadways

Deploy faster and reduce risk with tested Cisco Validated Design implementation guides.

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