Remote Operations

Securely manage critical operations from anywhere at scale

Securely manage critical operations from anywhere at scale

A health crisis or natural disaster can threaten worker safety and topple your industrial productivity. Plan for the unexpected and build a trusted workplace. Empower your team to monitor, manage and optimize equipment and processes like they’re on the factory floor or in the field – from anywhere.  


Reduce downtime & operational costs

Improve work safety by limiting employee

Maintain world-class security

Scale simply as you grow

Build operational resiliency now with remote capabilities

Operational resiliency protects a trusted workplace and industrial productivity, even in the face of uncertain and changing operational constraints.

Utility grid monitoring

Monitor and manage your utility grid remotely.

Remote machinery and field asset management

Manage machinery like you’re onsite.

Asset & facility monitoring

Keep eyes and ears on the ground when you can’t be.

Keep utilities running with a reduced onsite staff

Maintain workplace continuity even in times of crisis. Empower employees to monitor, maintain, optimize and - if allowed - control aspects of an operational system from home or another offsite location.

Securely manage machinery or field assets from anywhere

Enable staff to monitor, manage, diagnose, optimize, and repair equipment remotely to keep production humming. With secure granular access down to the machine or field asset level, your remote operations are protected.

Cisco’s IoT portfolio is unparalleled

Hear from experts how we became the leader in industrial networking.

Over 70,000 enterprises choose Cisco IoT

With experience helping more than 70,000 organizations fortify their businesses, Cisco can help you build resiliency.  

Cisco continues to rank #1 in industrial edge networking components

See how Cisco outpaced the market in routing, switching, and wireless access points in 2019.

Frost & Sullivan best practices award

With more than two decades as a switch pioneer, Frost & Sullivan awards Cisco company of the year in 2019 for global industrial ethernet switches.

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