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Up to 15% extra off select Cisco Catalyst IE switches

Enable advanced capabilities on your IoT network

For a limited time, get up to 15% off on Cisco Catalyst IE3300 or IE3400 Rugged Series switches with the purchase of one-year Cisco DNA software subscriptions, and experience the power of Cisco DNA Center in your IoT network.

Accelerate your digital transformation and transition to Industry 4.0

Use Cisco DNA Center to simplify industrial network management, increase uptime, lower operating costs, enhance scale, and boost security.

Modernize your operational network

With Cisco Catalyst IE switches and Cisco DNA Center, you can simplify management and ensure your industrial network is operating at its full potential.

Simplify management

Simplify management by automating manual time-consuming network maintenance activities.

Increase production uptime

Increase production uptime by identifying and resolving network issues quickly.

Safeguard performance

Help ensure network performance to support critical industrial automation applications.

Monitor for discrepancies

Stay compliant by tracking configuration changes, ensuring correct software images, and remaining aware of security updates.

Promotion details

Offer valid through January 28, 2023

Get an incremental 10% off with a one-year Cisco DNA Essentials subscription or 15% off with a one-year Cisco DNA Advantage subscription on select Cisco Catalyst IE switches when you purchase an equal number of switches and subscriptions. Simply add the standard PIDs listed below and the discount will be applied automatically. Terms and conditions apply.

Eligible hardware and software PIDs:

Cisco DNA Essentials
Hardware PID Software Cisco DNA PID
IE-3300-8P2S-E IE3300-DNA-E-1Y
IE-3300-8U2X-E IE3300-DNA-E-1Y
IE-3300-8T2S-E IE3300-DNA-E-1Y
IE-3300-8T2X-E IE3300-DNA-E-1Y
IE-3400-8P2S-E IE3400-DNA-E-1Y
IE-3400-8T2S-E IE3400-DNA-E-1Y

Sorry, no results matched your search criteria(s). Please try again.

Cisco DNA Advantage
Hardware PID Software Cisco DNA PID
IE-3300-8P2S-A IE3300-DNA-A-1Y
IE-3300-8U2X-A IE3300-DNA-A-1Y
IE-3300-8T2S-A IE3300-DNA-A-1Y
IE-3300-8T2X-A IE3300-DNA-A-1Y
IE-3400-8P2S-A IE3400-DNA-A-1Y
IE-3400-8T2S-A IE3400-DNA-A-1Y

Sorry, no results matched your search criteria(s). Please try again.

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