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Cisco Kinetic for Cities Lighting

A multisensor Internet of Things platform

Streetlights are essential for cities. But they’re a major energy draw that can add up to 38% of a city’s utility bill. To reduce electrical demand, municipalities are turning to LED technology. Our solution creates powerful light-sensory networks that transform LED fixtures into smart devices that help enable services for citizens and businesses.

Create a powerful light-sensory network

Reduce carbon footprint

Drastically reduce city energy consumption, costs, and maintenance using LED technology and dynamic, per-light controls.

Increase safety

Manage security services for parking lots and garages with our solution’s video, sound, and motion-capture capabilities.

Optimize urban planning

Enhance situational awareness, real-time collaboration, and decision-making across city agencies.

Integrate IoT easily

Add sensor-based innovations to transportation, utilities, and more without adding a lot of physical infrastructure.

How a Danish city reduced energy consumption

These LED solutions have been a big part of achieving our green goals. Every lamppost saves about 80% energy. We’ve taken an important step toward becoming a carbon-neutral city…and we can brand ourselves as a leader in finding sustainable solutions.

Steen Christiansen, Mayor, Municipality of Albertslund

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High-speed, real-time analytics

Real-time data must have low latency. This is critical for monitoring safety and security factors that may require analysis in milliseconds, such as sensing suspicious behavior.

Distributed intelligence

City multisensor nodes have advanced analytics capabilities. They’re powerful enough to perform real-time analysis on raw, high-definition video streams.

Increased data throughput rate

Unique algorithms transmit data-rich content without the need for high-bandwidth equipment. The platform can accommodate the most data-intensive sensors.

Data security

Security is layered throughout the system from node to cloud. Designed to support rich data sets, the solution can evolve to support new applications and requirements over time.

Explore ways to pay

Finance your smart city technology upgrade and make the most out of your IT budget.