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Customer Experience for Retail

Keep shoppers coming back for more

Digital shoppers expect a rich variety of interactive and contextual retail experiences, channels, and options. But they rarely find these in the physical store. Build customer loyalty and evolve the in-store shopping experience by digitizing the brick-and-mortar experience.

Customer experience use cases

In-store behavior insights

Collect in-store data points, such as user behavior and location activity, and turn those insights into preferential actions.

Endless aisle

Never have to turn down a customer due to lack of inventory. Turn your store associates into beacons of knowledge.

Mobile self-checkout

Free up front-of-store real estate, reduce operational costs, and cut long lines by enabling shoppers to turn their mobile devices into a POS.

Mobile engagement

Meet consumer demands by enabling the right mobile experiences throughout the in-store shopping journey.

Interactive digital signage

Leverage dynamic signage--from digital menu boards to promotional content--and deliver customized shopping experiences.

Featured resources

Build the digital brick-and-mortar experience

Learn how to leverage an optimized network and turn your customers' demands into your biggest assets.

Prepare for the digital consumer

Gain further insight into your digital consumers from our research with PSFK.

Understand digital's impact on retail

Read why digital retail raises the bar and helps innovate customer experience.

Domino's digital experience delivers sales

"Customers' expectations are so much higher today. They have zero patience for downtime and latency … Cisco technology is helping Domino's become the easiest company to order a pizza from."

Kevin Vasconi, Chief Information Officer, Domino's Pizza

Take the virtual reality tour

Take a virtual tour of our Connected Cisco Store in San Jose to see our retail solutions in a living, functional store environment.