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Customer Experiences for Retail

Keep shoppers coming back for more

Digital shoppers expect a rich variety of interactive and contextual retail experiences, channels, and options. But they rarely find these in traditional retail settings. Build customer loyalty using new digital and mobile tools that are revolutionizing the shopping experience.

Deliver an interactive retail experience

Develop 360-degree insights

Use metrics to get a comprehensive picture of each customer--and turn those insights into preferential actions.

Personalize experiences

Tailor the shopping journey to an individual’s preferences with in-store Wi-Fi, store application data, and analytics.

Dynamically engage customers

Build context-aware experiences that engage shoppers on their mobile devices.

Offer next-generation interaction

Boost revenue and engagement through dynamic digital signage.

Transforming the customer experience

"Cisco technology is helping Domino’s become the easiest company to order a pizza from."

Kevin Vasconi- Chief Information Officer, Domino’s Pizza

Get Customer Experiences for Retail to...

Analyze shopper behavior in-store

Presence and location analytics generate insights into the use of Wi-Fi-connected mobile devices based on their location and movement patterns.

Engage and assist customers in relevant ways

Serve customized and contextual mobile content. Use location applications to deliver information and experiences that customers want.

Make guest Wi-Fi access easier

Create an easy login portal for users. Multiple onboarding options and simple registration let users sign on quickly, boosting customer acquisition and retention opportunities.

Track with ease

Locate equipment and people quickly and accurately.

Deliver dynamic content to displays

Provide targeted content via dynamic digital signage. Create compelling experiences for your shoppers.

Cisco CMX for Retail

Gain new levels of visibility into shopper behavior through location-based analytics.