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Hybrid Workspaces

The future of work is hybrid

Transform every type of workspace by bringing together networking, security, and collaboration to enhance health and well-being, safety, and efficiencies.

Solutions for hybrid workspaces

Transform workspaces to enhance health and well-being, safety, and efficiencies.

Secure access

Provide consistent, identity-based secure access to the network for users and devices.


Secure collaboration

Enable ideation and collaboration across distributed teams, locations, and organizations.

Hybrid operations

Maintain your operations using secure, policy-based remote connectivity into the operational domain.

Intelligent office spaces

Enable safe, intelligent, and collaborative space utilization, engaging employees across common spaces, meeting rooms, and individual office spaces.

Asset and facility monitoring

Improve efficiencies and employee safety by monitoring indoor and outdoor industrial assets and facilities.

Sustainable facilities

Enable energy efficient, low environmental impact and enhanced experiences by managing, converging, powering, and monitoring building operations.

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