Discover how to empower HR leaders with hybrid work.

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Hybrid work that works anywhere.
Even in the office.

Empower your people to do their best work from anywhere.

Connect. Collaborate. Create.

From anywhere in the world. Hybrid work with Cisco makes it possible.


Learn how, when and where your people perform best. Support them with the right hybrid work strategy. Continue to drive productivity. 


Choose a hybrid work strategy that creates inclusivity and diversity. Different points of view drive innovation and a united team promotes productivity.


What do intelligent technologies and teamwork have in common? They support intuitive collaborations and lead to more connection and engagement. 


Purpose-built technology enables workforce planning that allows your employees to focus on work, increase efficiency and enjoy their hybrid work experience.

Enhanced security, collaboration, and visibility for your entire team.


Users with laptops or other computers gain basic hybrid work capabilities. 


  • Meraki Z3C
  • Cisco Desk Camera
  • Cisco Headset and Dock


A separate Cisco Desk Mini device facilitates dedicated video collaboration. 


  • Meraki Z3C
  • Cisco Desk Mini
  • Cisco Headset and Dock


Users enjoy faster networking and high-performance Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking. Webex Desk can function as an Ultra HD 24-inch monitor.


  • Meraki MX68CW
  • Cisco Desk
  • Cisco Headset and Dock


Get the highest-performance Gigabit networking and Wi-Fi 6 with automatic cellular backup for critical meetings. Cisco Desk Pro adds a 5K, 27-inch monitor.


  • Meraki MR46
  • Meraki MX75
  • Meraki MG21
  • Cisco Desk Pro
  • Cisco Headset and Dock

Get started for as low as $999*


(* CSRP - Cisco Suggested Retail Price)


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