IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere Portal

Solution to optimize the delivery and application of IBM Websphere portal application as part of Lean Retail Architecture.

Cisco Lean Retail IBM WebSphere Portal Application Deployment Guide

April 19, 2008

The Cisco Lean Retail IBM WebSphere Portal solution provides best practices and implementation guidance that optimizes application availability, performance, and security while lowering application ownership costs. Cisco's Lean Retail Architecture provides accelerated application performance and improved access to information. Data center-based applications and hosted managed services can have their performance accelerated to LAN-like speeds. IBM's WebSphere Portal Version 6.0 greatly reduces administrative load, allows more flexible applications to be built, and enhances the user experience by aggregating applications and content as role-based applications.

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Christian Janoff
Industry Solutions Architect


Bart McGlothin
Industry Solutions Architect

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