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Digital Media Suite

Digital Media Suite

Leverage Digital Signage for information, training and advertising.

Digital Media Suite

Cisco Digital Media Suite 5.2 Design Guide for Enterprise Medianet

The Cisco Digital Signage provides scalable, centralized management and publishing of high-quality content to networked, on-premise digital signage displays.

Built on the power of the Cisco Digital Media Suite, the Cisco Digital Signage uses the same hardware and management platform as and can interoperate with Cisco Enterprise TV, or can operate as a standalone application.

Increasingly more financial services organizations, retail stores, and educational institutions are using DMS for Digital Signage. Additional examples of industry applications include the following:

  • Sports and entertainment: Deliver high-definition event broadcasts, live streaming statistics, sales and marketing of products and services, and directional informational on digital signs and video walls throughout the event venue, and in fan lounges and suites
  • Government: Use digital signs to provide useful information for people waiting in line at government offices to help speed transactions
  • Healthcare: Share relevant healthcare information through digital signs around the hospital; offer cost-effective training options for hospital personnel.

In addition to Digital Signage, DMS is a single solution for delivering content for Enterprise TV across digital displays and through the web for desktop video.

The Cisco Digital Signage with Cisco ACNS provides optimized live-streaming content in IP multicast, unicast, store-and-forward, and mixed environments. For the Cisco Digital Signage content, Cisco ACNS provides intelligent pre-positioning and distribution technologies to efficiently deliver high-quality digital media content to the edge of the network, without adversely affecting the network connection.

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