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Urban Security

Urban Security

Cisco Urban Security solution improves incident collaboration and response time.

Urban Security

Urban Security

June 3, 2010

Safety and security are top priorities for city government. Citizens look to government to deter crime, and to respond promptly and effectively to crimes in progress, natural catastrophes, terrorism, and threats to infrastructure. Cities that succeed in creating highly secure urban environments attract more residents and businesses, fueling economic growth.

The Right Information at the Right Time

It is important to have a solution in place that reduces the time from detection of an incident to first response. Additionally, it is equally important that the information collected supports decision making and confidence in those decisions. The right information (audio, video, and pictures) needs to be disseminated to the right people at the right time.

The Cisco Urban Security solution improves decision making by integrating:

  • multiple sensors
  • video
  • computer command-and-control
  • communications

It also aids in reducing the time required to send responders to the scene of a crisis.

This solution demonstrates how integrating technologies across the network permits better situational awareness and command-and-control in a complex environment.

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