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Higher precision, faster investigation

Leverage the latest Cisco networking capabilities to avoid, stop, or mitigate threats faster than ever before. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA) is the industry’s first network with the ability to find threats in encrypted traffic.

Now detect encrypted threats everywhere

Check out the exciting updates around Encrypted Traffic Analytics technology.

What Encrypted Traffic Analytics can do for you

Enhance visibility

Gain insight into threats in encrypted traffic, without the need for decryption, using network analytics and machine learning.

Promote compliance

Know what is and is not encrypted on your network. Promote compliance with cryptographic protocols.

Shorten time to response

Quickly contain infected devices and users, and secure your network.

Save time and money

Use the network as a foundation for security. Capitalize on existing investments.

70% of attacks will use encryption in 2019. Are you prepared?

Encryption is a fast-moving trend. Today, more than 50 percent of global web traffic is encrypted, and that number is growing exponentially. This is great for privacy – for both the average user and cyberthreats. Over a 12-month period, the amount of malware samples hiding in encrypted traffic has increased threefold.

This security solution takes the Metadata from Cisco’s latest networking gear and provides advanced analytics, including machine learning. By modeling the pattern of encrypted communication, Encrypted Traffic Analytics identifies ransomware attacks, advanced persistent threats, malware infections, illicit cryptomining, and other threats.

Encrypted Traffic Analytics is a powerful addition to any network security architecture and a perfect solution for organizations looking for comprehensive advanced threat protection while maintaining the privacy offered by encryption.

What you need to enable Encrypted Traffic Analytics

To use Encrypted Traffic Analytics, you need one of the network devices below and Stealthwatch Enterprise.


Get real-time monitoring and visibility into all your network traffic, using context-aware analysis, machine learning, and cloud-based threat detection and analytics.

Catalyst 9000 switches

Our next-generation switches are designed for security, mobility, IoT, and the cloud, so you can handle threats with built-in end-to-end security.

ASR 1000 Series

Transform your service provider or enterprise network edge for the digital era.

ISR 4000 Series

Prepare your branch site and protect it for the future with the Cisco 4000 Series ISR digital-ready platform.

CSR 1000V Series

Extend your enterprise network to public and private clouds. Offer routing, security, and network management as cloud services with multitenancy.

ISR 1000 Series

Get Internet access, advanced security, and wireless services in one device.

Catalyst 9800 Series wireless controllers

Catalyst 9800 controllers come with built-in security: secure boot, runtime defenses, image signing, integrity verification and hardware authenticity.

Getting started

Address network threats in four easy steps

Reduce risk and help ensure compliance by quickly identifying threats on your network .

Listen to the experts

An independent analysis found Cisco Encrypted Traffic Analytics delivers impressively fast, efficient, and intelligent threat detection.

News and events

Detecting Encrypted Threats at Cisco Live US

Cisco Security was busy catching encrypted threats this year at Cisco Live in Orlando.

Robb Boyd explains ETA

Learn how you can enhance your network security with the new Catalyst 9000 switches and ETA.

Identify and stop threats before they hit

Get visibility for network threats in four easy steps.

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