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Cisco 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers

Enhance your network with an industry-leading SD-WAN headend

The Cisco ASR 1000s are engineered for reliability and performance, with industry-leading advancements in silicon, throughput, and security to help your business succeed in a digital world that's always on.


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Features and benefits

When it comes to connecting enterprise networks to the cloud, Cisco ASR 1000 platforms are more than routers. They bridge your business to the cloud edge with modular SD-WAN compatibility for superior software-defined performance.

Security and integrity

Leading encryption performance, layered security services, and a tamper-resistant design help the Cisco ASR 1000 reduce your attack surface and secure edge traffic.

Always-on architecture

A unique chipset architecture splits control and data-plane operations for improved performance, no matter how complex or crowded your edge. Cisco ASR 1000 Series routers are built to scale.

Advanced silicon

Our latest ASIC technology in the Cisco ASR 1000 Series provides reliable edge performance, even when connectivity comes in large bursts.


ASR 1000 Series routers are built to manage automated networks such as SD-WAN. 

Find the right ASR 1000 model for you

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ASR 1001-X

  • Cisco SD-WAN-ready
  • Cisco SD-Access-ready
  • Software redundancy
  • SFP built-in 10GE ports: 2

ASR 1002-HX

  • Cisco SD-WAN-ready
  • Cisco SD-Access-ready
  • Software redundancy
  • SFP built-in GE ports: 6

ASR 1006-X

  • Cisco SD-WAN-ready (new)
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Ethernet port adapters: 4
  • Shared port adapters: 8

ASR 1009-X

  • Cisco SD-Access-ready
  • Hardware redundancy
  • Ethernet port adapters: 6
  • Shared port adapters: 12

Deploy SD-WAN your way with Cisco DNA software

Simple, flexible software subscription suites give you access to the latest software-defined WAN innovations and provide centralized management with security, application-aware policies, segmentation, and optimization for cloud connectivity.

Deliver exceptional routing performance

Build a resilient, highly secure routing infrastructure. Enable high availability and less risk with services for routing solutions.

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