Just connect

OpenRoaming enables users to seamlessly and securely onboard to Wi-Fi networks for an always connected experience.

A renewed focus on hybrid work

Our world is facing an acceleration in the frequency, diversity, and impact of disruptions. Planning your network to help your organization respond to the unexpected is now more important than ever.

Features and benefits

Give wireless users the freedom to connect wherever they go. Deliver next-generation onboarding with OpenRoaming.


Provide fast, secure, reliable connectivity that enhances the user experience while increasing guests' Wi-Fi participation.


Leverage each user's unique identity to automatically connect the user to your network. Create differentiated loyalty experiences to extend value and increase adoption of your platform.


Indoor locations, distance, and other challenges limit the LTE and 5G experience. Keep your users always connected and monetize your network with OpenRoaming.

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Transform how you work and support remote users

Develop a highly secure mobile strategy and infrastructure with our services support. Speed time to market while reducing costs and accelerating ROI.