Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack

Connect with Confidence

Increase productivity. Empower IT without the risk when you connect to Azure Public Cloud. (PDF - 448 KB)

Connect with Confidence

Designed for Rapid Scalability and Cloud Deployment

With Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack, you get the power of an industry-leading hybrid cloud solution built to deliver: 

  • Policy based management, API-enabled automation, and hardware abstraction
  • A cloud-ready, proven system with 40% faster infrastructure deployment and 38% reduction in ongoing management costs compared to conventional server infrastructure
  • High-performance networking and industry-leading versatility for virtualized environments with Cisco Virtual Interface Cards designed to the Microsoft Azure Stack specifications

Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack is backed by two trusted technology innovators, Cisco and Microsoft. In partnership, we are committed  to deliver:

  • Customer success through joint development, service and support
  • Access to an extensive Cisco- and Microsoft-certified solution partner channel
  • A range of Cisco and Microsoft advanced services to help plan, architect, and manage your hybrid cloud deployments
  • Access to thousands of Azure-based applications

Use the Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite Cloud Management package to automate deployment and management of applications across 20 hybrid cloud environments, including Microsoft Azure Stack and Microsoft Azure.