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Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Optimize Microsoft Azure Stack Hub infrastructure with Cisco UCS

Deploy Microsoft Azure Stack Hub on the system designed for cloud: Cisco UCS, purpose-built for rapid scalability and hybrid cloud workloads. Leverage Cisco UCS proven operational advantages: 40% faster infrastructure deployment and 38% reduction in ongoing management costs as compared to other Azure Stack Hub systems.

Why choose Cisco UCS Solution for Azure Stack Hub

Accelerate growth

Realize the benefits of an Azure Stack Hub solution architected for rapid scalability and cloud-native applications.

Simplified management

Free up resources and achieve full control of your Azure Stack Hub through policy-based management tools.

World-class leadership

Cisco and Microsoft deliver Azure Stack Hub solution customer success by collaborating on joint development service and support.

Azure Stack Hub solution use cases for Enterprise

Learn how Cisco UCS solution for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub delivers hybrid cloud solutions to real life problems.

Public Sector

An Azure Stack Hub solution provides organizations a consistent development framework, processes, and tools across cloud and on-premises environments.

Compliance in health care

Government regulations require that patient data is securely stored.  Learn how Azure Stack Hub solutions enables health care organizations to comply to patient privacy laws and policies.

Azure cloud ready deployments

With Cisco UCS solution for Azure Stack Hub, operators can pre-process data, and upload to the Azure cloud as needed.

Benefits for service providers

Growing opportunity

Take advantage of the rapid growth in customer demand for hybrid cloud solutions enabled by Cisco UCS Solution for Azure Stack Hub.

Recurring revenue streams

Generate additional revenue streams by integrating cloud and hybrid solutions delivered by Cisco UCS solution for Azure Stack Hub.

Increase profitability

Bring new services faster with Azure development tools. Utilize Cisco UCS system tools to reduce deployment time by 96%, improving ROI to as much as 300%.

What’s inside Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub

Built on the system designed for cloud: Cisco UCS.  Cisco Integrated System for Microsoft Azure Stack Hub combines high-performance networking with fourth-generation Cisco virtual interface cards and Cisco Unified Fabric designed to accelerate cloud network traffic.

Scale with ease

Start with 4 nodes and scale to 16 nodes at one node increments within your Azure Stack Hub hardware.

Positioned for optimal performance

Only Azure Stack Hub hardware delivered with NVMe standard storage and 40 GbE from NIC to top of rack switch.

Delivers full redundancy

With Cisco’s integrated design, there are no single points of failure throughout the Azure Stack Hub hardware. The fabric interconnects includes switching and general systems management.

Performance monitoring for Azure Stack Hub with AppDynamics

Real-time performance monitoring helps ensure seamless user experiences on applications in hybrid clouds.


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