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WIN with Cisco ACI and Vblock

Get Flexibility, Simplicity, Agility, Reliability and more with Vblock and Cisco's ACI

WIN with Cisco ACI and Vblock

Use IT to Build Business Value

Vblock Systems offer the most advanced converged infrastructure. (PDF - 110 KB)

Vblock in Health Care

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Advanced Converged Infrastructure

Formed by Cisco and EMC, with investments from VMware and Intel, VCE represents an unprecedented level of collaboration in development, services, and partner enablement by four established market and technology leaders. VCE helps IT simplify operations while delivering more value to the business.

Deploying a new multivendor infrastructure no longer requires lengthy integration and test cycles. VCE integrates industry-leading virtualization, networking, computing, storage, security, and management technologies to deliver Vblock Systems: a unique, converged infrastructure that supports a vast array of business-critical applications.

With Vblock Systems, VCE:

  • Improves application performance, dynamic scaling, and disaster recovery
  • Uses standardization to ensure security is built into every configuration
  • Integrates and validates configurations to speed deployment
  • Reduces facilities costs with performance dense infrastructure
  • Provides system management and support options to improve IT productivity

VCE can help you transform IT and reduce your total cost of ownership.

Revolutionize IT

Vblock Systems are the industry's only fully virtualized converged infrastructure. Designed to deliver on the promise of virtualization, Vblock Systems enable IT to deliver more value to the business at lower total cost.

Lower Cost of Ownership

VCE relieves IT staff of time-consuming tasks to free resources for more strategic initiatives:

  • Performs the physical and logical build in factory to accelerate time to deployment
  • Abstracts the physical layers to unify provisioning and monitoring to simplify daily operations
  • Integrates and preforms regression testing on updates/patches to simplify change management
  • Cross-trains support professionals and coordinates problem escalation to accelerate time to problem resolution

As a result, IT organizations find that they can support business growth without adding staff resources.

Optimized Infrastructure

A standardized infrastructure for business-critical applications delivers the level of availability and performance you need. The fully redundant, autonomous system contains and manages failure scenarios. Advanced storage technology dynamically optimizes performance while servers adapt to application demands and intelligently scale energy use. Integrated data protection applications offer flexible recovery options, support shorter backup windows, and reduce network traffic and storage footprint.

Secure Environment

Security is designed in at every level of the stack. Interoperability of each individual component's security configurations is confirmed before shipping. Hardened configurations and best practices ensure that Vblock Systems support third-party, validated secure solutions such as PCI-DSS compliance.

Rapid Deployment

Vblock Systems integrate computing, network, storage, virtualization, and management components from trusted, industry-leading vendors-Cisco, EMC, and VMware to accelerate time to deployment. VCE offers an array of system management options to simplify provisioning and improve IT productivity:

  • Configure resources using a common user interface
  • Implement service catalogs and self-service portals
  • Access components for troubleshooting and fault management
  • Configure to achieve compliance, availability, and fault isolation objectives
  • Aggregate as a single pool of shared capacity or segment into isolated pools

Transform IT

VCE Solutions enable IT to lower deployment risk, simplify operations, and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). VCE characterizes and tests horizontal and vertical applications to provide predictable units of performance and availability in virtual environments. We augment system management capabilities to deliver comprehensive and effective solutions for service providers and IT managers.

Application Solutions

  • Implement a standardized infrastructure for business critical applications
  • Ensure predictable performance at scale
  • Accelerate deployment and lower risk

Service Provider Solutions

  • Achieve comprehensive separation between tenants
  • Simplify management, reporting, alerting, and chargeback
  • Easily provision new capacity
  • Accelerate new service creation and revenue generation
  • Deliver new business models for governance and risk mitigation
  • Achieve operational excellence and reduce TCO

Vertical Industry Solutions

  • Implement strategic applications for competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements

System Management Solutions

  • Simplify provisioning
  • Enable more consistent service levels
  • Ensure IT compliance
  • Improve cost transparency
  • Provide self-service portals

VCE Professional Services provide an extensive network of talent to help you transform your infrastructure and operations to achieve the vision of a new IT. A range of professional services from a worldwide network of partners gives you access to the expertise you need, where and when you need it. These services can help you:

  • Define critical operational and technical success factors
  • Design IT business processes and operations
  • Plan and implement converged infrastructure and cloud computing environments
  • Migrate horizontal and vertical applications
  • Support ongoing operations
  • Accelerate return on technology investments
  • Deliver predictable deployment and implementation of Vblock Systems

After deployment, VCE sets the industry standard in delivering integrated support and faster time to resolution:

  • Support personnel are trained in all aspects of the Vblock Systems to proactively identify and rapidly resolve problems.
  • VCE has created a seamless interorganizational process with Cisco, EMC, and VMware for managing support escalations. Unified collaboration tools facilitate the process while joint support labs enable support engineers to replicate customer issues.
  • A VCE customer advocate helps you proactively access resources to address challenges with the goal of identifying issues before they become problems.
  • VCE works with Cisco, EMC, and VMware to make available validated software releases and firmware upgrades for Vblock Systems.