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Experience Management Features

Feature-rich customer experience management

Webex Experience Management is truly the next generation of Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform, filled with powerful tools that let you see your business from your customers' perspective.


Customer journey map

Our journey map functionality allows you to take your key performance indicators (KPIs) beyond the single touchpoint view and helps you to track those KPIs along your customer's entire journey.

Predictive analytics

With predictive analytics you remove the guesswork and look at actual results. Predictive analytics allows you to dig deeper to discover what is driving your customer's experience. 


Our open API platform separates the data silos between operational, transactional, and experiential data. The solution relies on customer data in your CRM, how often they visit your site, and conversations with contact center agents.


The easy point-n-click insight center is completely customizable. You can create dashboards the way you want to see them, with KPIs, comparisons, and analyses.

Actionable insights

Turn your mounds of data into real-time measurable actions. Our customer journey map measures and tracks the customer experience, and tells you how to improve it and how much improvement the recommended steps will drive.

Text analytics

Turn quantifiable insight into solutions with text analytics that let you access product reviews, comments, and customer success transcripts. Learn how often words are used, extract text themes, and KPIs based on themes.‚Äč

Key metrics

Our solution includes all the anchor metrics in the industry, but you can also use metrics important to your business. You can run impact analysis or predictive analytics on revenue or accounting rate of return (ARR). 

Question builder

Creating and sending out surveys is effortless. Our easy-to-use question builder lets you add, modify, or delete questions with ease. Create surveys to monitor customer experience across every touchpoint and channel.

Closing the loop

When customers give feedback, they deserve to be heard. With our solution, every response can be heard and handled in real time. Closing the loop with customers has never been easier.