Case Study: Major Communications Provider

Service provider mitigates risk exposure

Service provider mitigates risk exposure

A major European-based communications provider reduces risk during their IT transformation. 

Customer highlights

Customer challenges


  • Devices nearing end of life and last date of support
  • No available time to refresh aging devices
  • Need to ensure business continuity and compliance during transition to Cisco platform
Customer results


  • Gained greater assurance to meet business continuity and compliance objectives
  • Minimized business disruption while flexibly migrating to next-generation platform
  • Reduced the risk of operating with uncovered devices
  • Personalized solution accommodated global operations and appropriate coverage needs

Major Communications Provider

"Migration Support Services helped ensure we could meet our business availability objectives while we integrated our newly acquired company into our business, and transitioned to a new global technology platform."

Chief Operations and Innovation officer, major communications provider

Who is major communications provider

Industry: Multinational telecommunications provider
Location: European-based headquarters
Company size: 185,000

Who is major communications provider