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Communications provider reduces risk during IT transformation


Customer Summary:

  • Company Size: 185,000
  • Industry: Multinational Telecommunications Provider
  • Location: European-Based Headquarters 


Business challenge

A major European-based communications provider adheres to an aggressive acquisition strategy to support its business growth objectives. It relies on acquiring complementary industry, market-leading companies to deepen and broaden its market share. The provider also supports its business growth by diversifying its portfolio and extending its geographic reach through new market and new location-based acquisitions.

The company follows a practice of integrating the companies it acquires into its organization and uses centralized processes and a common Cisco IT infrastructure. Where possible, the company uses the acquired company’s technology assets, integrating them into its technology environment.

The company has grown to become one the leading communication players in the market, always at the forefront of innovation and leading the trends in the market. With operations spanning the globe, this communications provider relies heavily on Cisco technology to run its business, spur innovation and growth, and service its customers. Uptime is critical to this provider and an essential element of the company’s competitive advantage.

To support its business expansion and growth strategy, the company had recently acquired a large competitor. The competitor had global operations spanning numerous European and Asian locations.

These locations would be integrated into the communications’ provider infrastructure and act as the backbone for operations and service provisioning in the company’s new geographic footprint. This effort was part of an overarching technology strategy to centralize all IT operations and infrastructures, including updating devices and integrating additional cloud-based technologies and platforms for all locations into the organization. The acquired company’s emerging locations would be updated to the new platform in a phased migration approach.

To initiate this integration, the company performed an assessment of the acquired company’s installed base in the emerging locations. After completing the assessment, the company realized that it had a number of Cisco devices that were nearing end of life and last date of support.

Realizing that the emerging location’s migration to a centralized infrastructure was at least 18 months away, the company needed to use the acquired company’s existing infrastructure in the emerging markets. The provider knew that it could not upgrade all the devices before their last date of support. Because meeting service-level objectives had always been a key pillar of the company’s success, it knew that it was exposing itself to potential operational risks should the aging and unsupported devices fail and affect service provisioning.


Network solution

The company turned to Cisco to see if there was a solution that would help it reduce its risk of operating with unsupported technologies in the newly acquired company’s emerging markets.

Cisco Migration Support Services was able to help. The solution included a combination of Migrate on Failure Service and Extended Support service options. The combined solution provided the right support coverage the company needed for various devices across several European and Asian business locations. By doing so, the company could meet its compliance objectives and uphold its reputation for superior service delivery.

Migrate on Failure Service was the primary service selected for a 2-year term, enabling the company to advance its IT transformation should a device fail and require replenishment. Migrate on Failure Service replaces the company’s failed devices with the next-generation of the product. This helps the company make progress with its technology platform upgrade project while minimizing disruptions. The Extended Support service was selected for a 1-year term for devices that the Migrate on Failure Service did not support. This service provided a safety net for continued service reliability and availability.

“Migration Support Services provided us with the confidence to keep our acquired company’s service delivery operations intact, while we integrated their technologies into our infrastructure and migrated to a new platform. We knew we could uphold our reputation as the leading services provider while we underwent a tremendous amount of organizational and technical change.” SVP, Information Technology.

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Business results

Migration Support Services is proving to be a risk-mitigating solution for this communications provider. Facing a multitude of organization changes and priorities, the company gains greater assurance for business continuity and compliance. With help from Cisco, the company can confidently continue operations in emerging geographic locations. It knows it has the support coverage that does not disrupt its business operations or service delivery.

The company can progress with its acquisition integration and IT transformation as planned, and where applicable, replace end-of-life and last date of support for failed devices with new devices it plans to migrate to. These services help the company advance its migration project in a convenient and cost-effective way.

Ultimately, the company gains greater value by minimizing risk and supporting its ability to innovate in an agile manner, while its customers benefit by continued service delivery.

“Migrate Support Services has been a life saver for our company. We couldn’t have acquired and integrated a company in a new market, continued to service their customers and implement our migration initiative without Cisco’s help. In the future, we know that we can rely on Cisco technologies and services to keep us in the forefront as a market leader,” says the company’s chief information officer (CIO).

Migration Support Services gave us the assurance that we could meet our business availability objectives while we integrated our newly acquired company into our business and transitioned to a new global technology platform.

Chief Operations and Innovation Officer, Major Communications Provider